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Computer will not run-HELP

By jbeaucaire ·

My computer was working great last night, I left it running & went to bed then this morning nothing.
It will not startup. I press the power on button and it seems to begin to start, but then it just powers itself off. Nothing comes on the monitor and disk drives are turning and it is looking at the CD drive and floppy drive as well. It is a WIN XP SP1 with a 2.4 Ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM and over 80 GB of available disk space.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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by WARLQCK In reply to Computer will not run-HEL ...

my first question would be if there was any storm activity in your area, that my have caused a power spike at your home.

As to the possible problem. I would go through th basics of reseating all your cables, cards etc. Even if the machines powers up for a minute and turns off. if that doesn't fix the problem that I would start eliminating the none essential items to see if you can get the machine to power on and stay on.

I Forgot to ask if it even completes POST or does it give you a bunch of beep codes?
Good Luck!

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by mikex In reply to Computer will not run-HEL ...

There's something wrong with the hardware, this is self protection function of the motheboard (auto power off), try to change the main components one by one starting with the video card, memory, hard drive, cd-roms ....

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by gettn2old In reply to Computer will not run-HEL ...

Change the powersupply first. I had a computer do this to me 2 months ago. Finally figured out it was the powersupply going bad.

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