Computer Will Not Turn On

By lawnmowerman02 ·
Im not sure if this is the right place but my computer wont start. Its a systomax venture n4000. I recently had a lot of viruses that ruined my computer and it wouldnt function anymore so i removed the HD and scanned it on another computer to remove the viruses.

So i reinstalled the HD and now it wont start. I did unplug front control panel wires and have since reinstalled them properly and it still does not start up.

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Let's just be clear - 'start up' OR 'turn on' ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Computer Will Not Turn On

Are you saying the system won't boot into its operating system so it won't start up?

Or are you saying there is no power being delivered to the system at all so it won't turn on?

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Turn on

by lawnmowerman02 In reply to Let's just be clear - 'st ...

I press the power button and nothing happens. Unless you consider nothing something.

The power is plugged in and switched on. I see a blue light on the motherboard and the front power light had came on earlier but the power button does nothing once i press it.

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I know of your problem only too well ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Turn on

Because I'm presently boxing-up a gaming tower for warranty return to "from whence it came" for exactly the same reason.

However, you can run through the steps that I took before finally throwing in the technical-towel.

When you recently had your rummage about inside the case, the largest target you may have unwittingly encountered would be a large cluster of coloured wires all bundled together - these attach to the main power supply to the motherboard. Depending on your system, the wires will terminate in either a 20-pin or 24-pin 'chocolate block' which connects to the motherboard.

So, WITH THE POWER DISCONNECTED and first placing the back of your hand against the power supply casing to get rid of any static - don't move your feet from this point on - unplug this large connector then re-seat it again firmly (but gently) being careful not to flex the motherboard.

Re-connect the power from the mains and try to boot the computer.

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Tried it

by lawnmowerman02 In reply to I know of your problem on ...

And it didn't work. How frustrating.

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You may have damaged it initially ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Tried it

When you went in to remove the hard drive.

If you didn't take the standard precautions against static discharge, there are any number of possibilities which may have occurred.

However, given that some wires were disconnected and identified as such, there may be a connection that remains unconnected but as yet unidentified. You should examine ALL remaining connections methodically.

Also, check there is not anything loose, inside the case, that may be causing a short.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Computer Will Not Turn On

You may have shorted out your motherboard when you pulled your control wires.

Do any lights or fans come on?

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by lawnmowerman02 In reply to Hmm

God i hope not. Umm the front lights come on and an internal blue light comes on but not fans or anything.

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I have noticed in the past

by Snuffy09 In reply to lights

That if the fans and lights come on its usually a Power supply issue, that doesnt mean thats the only thing it can be.

Try taking the power away from all devices that are not necessary to boot such as slave Hard drive, Cd rom drive, Floppy drive. Then try to boot.

IF you still have no luck, find a temp PSU to test your system with.

PSUs are cheaper than replacing motherboards thats why I suggest these things first if you dont have a PSU tester or multimeter to rule it out as an issue.

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If you reconnected

by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer Will Not Turn On

the front panel properly it should start up. Unless the power switch has decided to go. Remove the power switch and connect the Reset switch to the power connector and then press the Reset switch. Consult you user manual for the proper pin connections.

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Eliminate any conflicts

by IT-Sim?n In reply to Computer Will Not Turn On

Dont bother about connecting the USB ports and Sound or any drives just leave it all disconnected.

you should still be able to load the bios.
all you need is power, mobo, ram, processor
and video.

if that works then add the rest one at a time and testing before adding more devices.

(make sure power supply has switch set to the right voltage.) otherwise it won't work at all)

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