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    Computer will only boot to safe mode


    by brizzyguy25 ·

    There was recently a storm at my place while I was at work. While i was gone we experienced a black out and so the computer shut down. Since then when i have gone to start the computer up it will get as far as the windows xp screen before it reboots, quickly flashes a blue screen with writing for one second and only let’s me boot up in safe mode. I tried restoring the system to two previous restore points but none of these have fixed the problem. I have looked inside the case to see if any hardware has come loose our out but everything seems to be where it should be.

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      by nazil dsouza ·

      In reply to Computer will only boot to safe mode

      ok check this link i found out for your problem and make it know if it works or not;en-us;310396

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      by gary56789 ·

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      Go to Start?Run?type ?msconfig? (without the quotes)?Startup tab?uncheck everything (click Disable All)?click OK?restart computer. If this allows pc to boot into normal mode, go back into msconfig and recheck only your anti-virus, spyware and firewall applications. Close and reboot. If this doesn?t work, do the following.

      Press the F8 key repeatedly as soon as you reboot until you get to the window with the menu, press the up or down arrow keys (the cursor keys) until you get a menu. Select the step by step option. Here you will need to press ?y? for each option to load. This could take a while, as it will load many files one by one. The one which doesn?t load will be the file or driver which doesn?t allow normal booting. Then you will need to go back into Safe Mode and replace whichever file or driver was corrupt with a good version.

      Let us know what happens, as there are many other reasons for this problem and we need the feedback to be able to further assist.

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      Reply To: Computer will only boot to safe mode

      by netbugz ·

      In reply to Computer will only boot to safe mode

      hi… i think this could solve your problem…

      login using safe mode.. do to device manager (hope u know how to go there) uninstall the VGA card drivers.. restart the computer in nomal mode..

      Thats it.. it should work. Try it and let us know.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      The word storm is the contributing factor.

      You have a 99% chance that you have corrupted files on your computer.

      The other 1% could be damage to the disk surface.

      If it is xp as it boots press F8. When the menu comes up look for disable reboot on error.

      Next time up you should, if you are lucky get the blue screen and an error code.

      Now what to do.

      Do an inplace upgrade to the hard drive.
      2k Q292175

      XP Q315341

      An inplace upgrade does the following.

      It does NOT change the installed components and programs.

      It does NOT change any passwords.

      It does NOT change third-party registry entries.

      It rolls back any hotfixes, service packs, and Microsoft Internet Explorer upgrades to their base versions.

      It refreshes the registry and restores default registry values.

      It reapplies default permissions.

      It reregisters Component Object Model (COM) components and Windows File Protection (WFP) files.

      It reenumerates Plug and Play devices, including the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).

      You will have to reinstall all of microsoft updates.

      If the above does not solve your problem you will need to download the testing software designed for your hard drive and diagnose your drive. You could have corrupted blocks.

      Every major driver maker except Toshiba has a diagnostic program for their hard drives. (maxtor) (Hitachi/IBM) (Fujitsu)

      Good Luck


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      Computer will only boot in safe mode.

      by ecb8252000 ·

      In reply to Computer will only boot to safe mode

      A freind of mine is having this problem with her computer and I reinstalled windows, and replaced the hard drive and the CDROM. It seemed to work before we did the windows updates. The only things left are the power supply or the motherboard. I hope its the power supply maybee some component has caused it to short out. The onboard sound driver was loaded during the windows update so it might be a short-circuit somewhere in the sound chip (motherboard).

      You may try to reinstall windows and see if that helps, then the harddrive, power supply, and possibly the motherboard. Its like doing an overhaul in a car start with the cheap stuff then work your way up to the motherboard.

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