Computer won't boot after installing new RAM

By stevea78 ·
I've had the computer for awhile, and reading the manual, I got the exact ram it says it accepts, as well as already having some that fits it as well. Well, when I put all 4 sticks into the computer, it won't boot up, but if I take out 2, and leave 2 in (Doesn't work just taking out 1), it boots up just fine.

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Now if I'm reading this properly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer won't boot after ...

You have a computer most likely a Desktop and when you fit 4 RAM Modules it will not boot but when you fit 2 it boots OK is that Correct?

If that's the case the RAM you have fitted is too slow for that M'Board this happened a lot with some Intel 775 Socket and AMD AM2/3 CPU's.

You could fit 2 RAM Modules of a Slow Speed and it worked but if you fitted 4 of the same speed it fails to boot.

The solution here is to fit the Fastest RAM that the M'Board can use and fit 4 Modules and ideally as big as the M'Board will take provided you are not using a 32 BIT OS and the M'Board can take more than 4 GIG of RAM.

If you are using a 32 Bit OS it can not read any more than about 3.25 GIG Including Video Memory so 4 GIG in Dual Chanel Mode while being a bit more than it can use ensures the fastest performance possible.

Of course if you are using a 64 Bit OS fit as much as the M'Board can carry/you can afford of the fastest speed RAM that the M'Board can use and it will work.


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