Computer won't boot after RAM is installed.

By sheepdog71 ·
Ok, I just built this computer. I installed RAM chips one at a time. I have K9N SLI platinum board, AMD 64X2 5400 CPU, 4 GB (only 3 installed) Crucial Ballistix pC6400 RAM (4 x 1 GB), 2 GeForce 7600GS 512mb graphics cards in SLI, and am running Windows Vista. The system works fine on with 1,2, or 3 chips installed, but whenever I put the 4th chip in I get nothing. I thought maybe it was just that chip, but I traded it with another and it worked fine. With all 4 installed, the system turns on, but no video is displayed, the lights are just solid green on the case, and nothing happens. The NUMLOCK on the keyboard turns on also. CTRL ALT DEL doesnt work, and when you hit the power button on the case nothing happens, also the reset button seems to work, but not always. The only way to power the system down it seems is by shutting off the PS. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Faulty RAM socket

by bogdan.botezatu In reply to Computer won't boot after ...

It might be a faulty RAM slot on the motherboard, otherwise I don't explain the situation. When you plug a RAM card into that slot, there might be a short-circuit or something (that explains the front panel nor functioning). Try to swap one RAM card in all the slots and see what happens.

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Won't Boot....

by gamer4ever15 In reply to Computer won't boot after ...

I don't know much about computer ram but i do know that ur not really suppose to put it in at odd numbers, unless its one, so take one out or put the other one in. Hope this helps!

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