Computer won't boot from CD drive

By simonp101 ·
Hi all, I'm having a problem and was hoping I might find some help here

My brother's computer is basically a dead duck in the water. Its slow, buggy, infested with ads, spyware and full to the brim of absolute rubbish. My parents asked me to do something about it, so I decided to format the hard-drive and re-install windows. I changed the BIOS settings so that it would boot from CD before the drive (at IDE-0), but the computer just continued to load windows. I looked again to see if I forgot to save it the settings or something, but sure enough, the CD was the first priority. I then removed IDE-0 from the list completely, and it told me that it failed to boot, and that it could find no boot record in the CD-Drive

I thought that it may be my Windows CD, so I put in a linux cd that I happened to have in my possession, but that gave me the same error. I tried all sorts of boot settings, but no result

Was wondering if anybody had any words of wisdom for me

Thanks :)

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press any key to boot from CD when CD loads

by THANAT0S In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

just b4 it says loading windows, did you see 'boot from CD' just b4 loading windows? you have to press a key to boot from CD.

Then it goes into the setup.

hope this helps.

Grim Reaper

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Use a PS/2 Keyboard

by Yoyoson In reply to press any key to boot fro ...

I know this probably won't help the original poster, but if you get a prompt from your BIOS during boot that says, "Press any key to boot from CD...."

MAKE SURE YOU USE A PS/2 KEYBOARD. A USB keyboard may not cut it. I just spent 2 hours trying to figure this one out.

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USB can be enabled in BIOS

by McDonger In reply to Use a PS/2 Keyboard

On newer BIOS's USB keyboards may work but need to be enabled in the BIOS. The (USB) keyboard will usually detect you pressing del to enter the BIOS where you can set 'enable USB keyboard' (I can't remember the exact setting name, it's fairly obvious though).

Might help if you can't lay your hands on a ps/2 keyboard

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I will help

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

hello i see you are in the UK like myself, send me an e-mail and i will be able to help you! my address is zakflemingo@gmail.com

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Try this

by NickNielsen In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Press <F12> when the BIOS splash screen displays. You should get a menu of boot options. Arrow down to the Boot from CD-ROM option and press <Enter>

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Still having trouble

by simonp101 In reply to Try this

I get no message telling me to 'Press Any Key' when booting from CD-ROM and F12 in BIOS does nothing

The computer's BIOS is called AMIBIOS Simple Setup Utility version 1.21.12 by American Megatrends if thats any help. Windows will detect CD's perfectly fine, but it seems that BIOS isn't interested, or at least can't find any boot records

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Try this - Press <F9>

by stupidkanna In reply to Try this

Press <F9> when the BIOS splash screen displays. You should get a menu of boot options. Arrow down to the Boot from CD-ROM option and press <Enter>

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Primary versus Secondary IDE controller.

by 1bn0 In reply to Computer won't boot from ...

Is the CDROM on the second IDE interface?
If so it is possible the BIOS won't boot from it. I have worked on motherboards before that would only boot from the CDROM drive if it was connected to the primary IDE connector. If so you will need to move the CDROM to the same cable as the HDD. Make sure you set the HDD to master and the CDROM to SLAVE.

The HDD should be ide-0 and the CDROM should be ide-1. The secondary controller would IDE-2 and IDE-3.

With the HDD at IDE-0 removing IDE-0 from the boot list is only telling the bios to skipping the HDD as a boot device.

ONce you have both drives on the same cable and jumpered correctly you will still have to ensure the BIOS boot order has the CDROM first.

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cant boot from cd drive either

by bluzepher In reply to Primary versus Secondary ...

I have changed BIOS to place cd drive 1st. I have a good bootable CD, its a Dell PC. any ideas ?

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F2 for Dell

by MrLoganyc In reply to cant boot from cd drive e ...

Hit F2 doing the DELL splash screen. That will bring up the boot menu.

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