Computer won't boot- Help!

By michellekrebs ·
When I turn on my pc, the load screen appears and then the screen goes black with a blinking curser...I am running Windows XP. The power seems to be fine, so I tried to run the XP disk to fix the problem, and am able to get it to run the disk and go through setting up a repair on XP, but when it is finished, instead of having me complete the setup it reboots only to start the process over again. Help!

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Have you overclocked your system?.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Computer won't boot- Help ...

If so go into your BIOS and select "load default settings", re-boot your computer then go into the BIOS again and to your "Boot" section and make your CD/DVD drive as the first boot drive then "save and exit". Now when it boots up you should get your desktop.
Post back if all goes well or not.

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Found part

by michellekrebs In reply to Have you overclocked your ...

I could not find "load default settings" in the BIOS. However I was able to verify that the CD/DVD drive was listed as the first boot drive. Any suggestions on where the load default settings is located?

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The "Laod default settings" are in your BIOS....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Found part

You just need to look at the text on the bottom of your computer, it will give you the advice or which keys to press to load the default settings. Or when you select "save and exit", it might be listed there.

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Found it but...

by michellekrebs In reply to The "Laod default setting ...

Thanks- I found out how to do it. Unfortunately the desktop hasn't come up...

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Ok, the simple way to do this is to get another drive..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Found it but...

Take out your old drive first and then put in the new drive. Load on Windows XP and drivers and all of the updates etc. Then connect your old drive (if IDE make sure that the little jumper is set to SLAVE), if SATA drive then just plug it on another SATA port. Now when you have done this you will be able to access your old data on the drive.
Hope all goes well.

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by michellekrebs In reply to Ok, the simple way to do ...

Thanks for all of your help. My computer is a laptop- does that make a difference? I have not had to do a slave drive before. From what I have read it seems quite simple. I had heard before about making the drive into a USB type drive. Any ideas on this?

also- if I do this, we may just purchase a new PC...but all I can find is a Vista operating system. How do I work with this as the hard drive is XP?

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Yes, you'd need to use a USB enclosure then.

by seanferd In reply to Drive

And then the drive should stay as Master.

If you are pulling your personal documents off the drive, it doesn't matter if the new OS is Vista, it can read the old XP drive.

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Check drives

by solshakdwn In reply to Computer won't boot- Help ...

Ensure that you do not have a floppy disk in your A: drive(floppy drive).I am not sure this is the problem though because it would have an error message like"cannot find operating system or hard disk....." but it's the first place I would check.
If thats not the cause, check your bios settings to ensure that it is booting to the correct device by pressing F2 at re-start.

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Still not working.

by michellekrebs In reply to Check drives

No floppy drive...and the BIOS is pointed to the CD/DVD drive first, then hard drive. Any other suggestions?

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Do you have a copy of your operating system on CD?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Computer won't boot- Help ...

My next step would be try to boot from cd and repair the operating system.

insert cd
power down pc
power on PC
press "any key" when prompt to boot from cd
wait for windows to load setup files
at first blue option screen press "enter key" to install windows
at the next blue screen windows should detect you current install of XP and you should have the option to repair - press "r" key

give your PC about 30 mins to copy and set up your system files. after that you may be given scree prompts to make changes to: time/serial number for XP/your IP address

good luck, post back

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