Computer won't boot if network cable is connected.

By ervee04 ·
This is very weird and the first time I encountered it. Computer wasn't booting up, I thought it was the PSU but it wasn't. I did more troubleshooting, and after a long process, i found out that it was the network cable!

Computer won't turn on if the network cable was connected but once you disconnect it, it will boot up. So to turn on the computer I discoonect the network cable and then connect it once it starts booting up.

DOes anybody have a solution for this? or has anybody encountered the same problem?


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Check the BIOS options

by oldbaritone In reply to Computer won't boot if ne ...

and make sure the NIC is not an active boot device.

My first guess would be that the NIC is trying to retrieve a boot image from the network, and there isn't one. When the network cable is unplugged, it "knows" it can't boot from network and moves to the next available device.

If you can't disable network boot, make sure it's at the bottom of the Boot Device list, below the internal Hard Drive and CD drive.

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I did that

by ervee04 In reply to Check the BIOS options

I checked that too! and network boot is not even enabled, I have hard drive and CD only

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PXE disabled?

by oldbaritone In reply to I did that

make sure PXE is off too.

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No option

by ervee04 In reply to PXE disabled?

no option to disable PXE

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Sometimes it's in the on-board devices

by oldbaritone In reply to No option

under Network Adapter, not in the Boot section.

PM me if you want.

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by ervee04 In reply to Sometimes it's in the on- ...

How do I PM you?

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by GreyIT In reply to PXE disabled?

Shouldn't PXE automatically abort after a timeout, and the BIOS switch to the next in line for booting ?

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Yes, it "should" timeout

by oldbaritone In reply to PXE

but that doesn't necessarily mean it does.

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Hmmm... Some more suggestions

by oldbaritone In reply to Check the BIOS options

OK, at this point, I'm grasping at straws, but here's a couple more things that have stung me in the past:

DHCP - do you have more than one device active on the network issuing DHCP addresses? That's a no-no, but if a user brought in their own (unauthorized) router, they may have botched the setup.

PCI Interrupt chain - Try telling BIOS to reset and rebuild the PCI interrupt chain. It's an option in setup. Maybe there's a conflict.

Switch the cards around. I have one machine that if the NIC is in the slot next to the video, everything works fine, but if it's in any other slot, the machine hangs. So try just rearranging the cards and try to find a combination that works.

Try a different make/model of NIC. Some cards "don't work and play well with others." Try an add-in NIC and disable the on-board NIC, and see if that works.

After that, I'm about out of suggestions, so maybe the "plug the network in after it boots" may be the only viable work-around.

Good luck.

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Ground fault?

by ormzen In reply to Computer won't boot if ne ...

I have the exact same problem, and have been asking some friends around. One said 'google it', and all I found was this forum.

Another said that it could be some ground faulting in the network cable and could be solved by buying a new one.

This is not yet confirmed though.

Ideas on this?

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