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Computer Won't Power On

By mcann2 ·
About a week ago I went to turn on my desktop and it won't power on. I don't have access to another computer to test my power supply, and aside from buying a new one (I'm a college student on an extremely limited bidget) how would I test to see if the power supply is really the problem? What are some of the other possible causes for this? I have an emachines T1860 purchased in mid 2002. I've added a few aftermarket peripherals: DVD burner, second HDD, ATI Radeon Graphics Card, second NIC (the integrated one stopped working shortly after I purchased the computer), and I've upgraded the RAM. Everything was added well over a year ago.


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probably the power supply

by ProjManager In reply to Computer Won't Power On

most of the power supplys provided with these machines are fairly low quality. If you look at any of the local computer parts store, you can purchase a power supply tester for about $12. When you replace the supply, check your current supply, its probably 300 watts. Put in one that is 400 or 450 to give you some room for those new cards you added. Try not to skimp on quality. You can get cheap ones for under $30 but you'd be better served by spending $50 and you'll have less trouble in the future.

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Try removing all non-essential PCI devices and reseting BIOS...

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Computer Won't Power On

If this is an ATX motherboard, reset your BIOS by moving the jumper to the other 2 pins and waiting for about a minute (make sure power cord is removed from power supply). Replace the power cord into the power supply and move the BIOS reset jumper back to the original pins and see if you can power the machine on. If not, then remove all PCI devices, DVD & CDROM devices, and leave only one memory module installed in the motherboard as well as the primary hard drive for booting. Windows XP, 2000, and NT are all very picky about new devices and can cause all sorts of weirdness with plug and play devices. I've had similar issues as you after I upgraded my PC with more memory, only to find out that 2 modules were DOA from the factory. If after replacing your P/S, you still can't power on the PC with all non-essential PCI devices removed, I'd say your M/B is toast and you will need to replace it. Try the BIOS reset first with all non-essential PCI devices removed as this will usually prove if it's the P/S or the M/B. If this still fails, then your M/B got fried somehow. If you aren't already using a UPS, I would recommend you purchase a small UPS rated at about 1000VA for your PC. It's possible you may have had a power surge and zapped your PC if you aren't protected against voltage spikes.

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Here's a trick

by jdmercha In reply to Computer Won't Power On

This seems to reset some power supplies. Unplug the computer for at least 1 minute. Then hold the power button in while you plug in the computer.

But a 4 year old eMachine is not worth putting any money into.

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