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    Computer won’t power on


    by d1289 ·


    I wonder if anyone could help me out:
    Yesterday I switched off my computer, and cleaned out all the dust from it (cleaned the CPU fan and heatsink too), but after having reassambled it I couldn’t power it on.
    When I push the button, the led lights up, and goes out immediately when I release it. The fans don’t start, there aren’t any POST error beeps (although after numerous tries, it did switch on once, no idea why).
    I checked out the power supply(used a working one, and it still didn’t work).
    I also checked the power button mechanism (removed a working one from another pc), but that didn’t help either.
    Also tried removing any of the two RAM modules, it didn’t help.
    I also checked the motherboard for any visual damage, but everything looked fine.

    My computer specs are:
    HP Compaq DC7100 CMT
    Intel P4 3,3 GHz
    2 Gb RAM
    Motherboard chipset: 915G Express

    So any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.

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      by d1289 ·

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      by cmiller5400 ·

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      Try unplugging all the peripherals, then power up. If it still doesn’t boot, then you have a short on the motherboard (make sure that no metal is touching it and no screw’s fell in between the case and the board.)

      Make sure that the CPU heatsink fan is plugged in. A CPU can fry in seconds with out proper cooling.

      If all else fails, the board is probably bad.

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