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Computer won't read online PDF documents

By jardinier ·
At a rapidly accelerating rate, websites are presenting PDF files to read pages.

I have Acrobat Reader 6. When I click on one of these links nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. I just get a blank screen which says: "Done."

How can I read these online PDF files?

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Try this

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Computer won't read onlin ...

Make sure your popup blocker is disabled in both the IE Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab menu as well as under Tools -> Popup Blocker - sometimes the one under Security settings will be left on and functional even though the other is turned off.

In the Reader, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet, and take the check out of Allow Fast Web View, OK out.

If neither of these work, go back to the Security tab in IE and change Display Mixed Content to Enable.

Generally this is a last resort for me - set the IE security to Low to see if that is hindering you, then disable the most likely offenders until you see which is the one that allows the .pdf to display.

Good luck.

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Don't want to change the settings? here is another option

by dave In reply to Try this

If it is an infrequent event, bothersome only once in awhile, you can save the .pdf to your desktop and it will open / view fine. Delete it when you're done.

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Yes that works fine. Thank you ....

by jardinier In reply to Don't want to change the ...

I can even highlight the text and copy it into a Word document.

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Internet Explorer? Good heavens .. what is that?

by jardinier In reply to Try this

I thought everybody used Firefox or Netscape these days (as I do).

Besides which IE 6 no longer works with Windows 98 SE.

And no, please don't try and tell me how to fix this. I have asked before and there is no practical solution.

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IE is alive and well

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Internet Explorer? Good h ...

Many corporate offices all over the US are still slaves to IE/MS because of various compatibility issues with 3rd party programs. I know, because I've worked in lots of them over the years on contract.

As far as the fix, the ones I listed work great at my office, so if they don't help your situation, perhaps they will assist someone else.

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