computer won't recognize disc in f: drive

By scottklowe ·
I've tried to copy some files onto a disc in my f: drive but my computer (Dell, xp) keeps telling me there is no disc in the drive. I've reinstalled the drive and cleaned it.I tried to play a pre-recorded cd, and it doesn't work. Any thoughts?

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Jumpers POST

by TheChas In reply to computer won't recognize ...

First, when you installed the drive, did you set the jumper on the back properly for how you have your drives connected?

If you have a cable select style cable, both drives should be set to the CS position.

If not, one drive MUST be set to Master or Master with slave present. The other drive needs to be set to slave.

I presume that since you can find the drive to drag files to it that it does show up properly in both the BIOS POST drive enumeration, and under device manager. If you have a yellow "?" or "!" next to the drive in device manager, you have a hardware / driver issue.

Next, what software are you using for burning disks? It is possible that you need a drive update from the software manufacture in order to use this drive with the software.

If you are using XP's native burning software, you may need to run Windows (Microsoft) Update and see if a new driver shows up.


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If none of the above works

by OH Smeg In reply to computer won't recognize ...

The most likely explanation is that the Laser in the Drive has died and is no longer working.

If you constantly leave Disc's in an Optical Drive you shorten the life of that drive considerably. Also if you use the wrong chemicals to clean the Laser Lens you run the risk of sending it Opiate and then it can not longer send a Focused Beam of Light through the Lens so it can not longer read any Disc inserted into the drive.

If you need to use a single Disc a lot get a Virtual CD application and copy your CD onto the HDD and run it virtually. You'll have much faster Access and not be doing any damage to the Optical Drive.


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by scottklowe In reply to If none of the above work ...

Makes sense ... is it difficult to replace/fix?

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You need to replace the drive

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks

Depending on the type of computer the costs vary a bit for a Desktop drive to a NB Drive

But all that is required with a desktop Drive is to get a new one of any brand and remove the installed one and set the Jumper on the back the same way as the original drive and then push it in do up the screws should be 4 of them and connect the leads.

With a NB you have to remove the retaining screw and push out the drive remove the securing plate/bracket and fit it to the new drive and slip in and refit the retaining screw. On some NB's you have to remove the Keyboard to get to the retaining screw on the Optical Drive.


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Headed In the RIght Direction >>>>>>>>>>>>

by scottklowe In reply to You need to replace the d ...

Sounds simple enough. You're not that confused. I thank you. You and The Chas steered me in the right direction. I appreciate the help and assistance. Keep up the good work down under. We dummies appreciate your expertise. Best wishes.
near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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