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Computer won't run.

By bbrillhart ·
After following computer-branded support, purchasing new memory cards and hard drive, why does the computer continuously lock up?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Computer won't run.

we need more. what os. are you looking to get warranty replacement. did it used to work. how old is computer. do you know how to boot from cd or floppy so you can watch computer run for hours without locking up? so you can start to see only locks up in windows?
if it locks up booted to cd or floppy, you still have bad hardware.

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by itek4u In reply to Computer won't run.

We definately need additional specs, but here are some causes I have ran into:

A. The power supply is failing. If it is a standard power supply with 3 orange wires, a purple wire and a yellow wire amongst the other wires, this is how you can test its voltages:
1. You need a digital voltmeter and a large metal paper clip formed into a U.
2. a. Unplug the power cord. b. Unplug all power supply connectors from the motherboard. c. Unplug all power supply connectors from cdrom/rw etc. drives, floppy drives, but leave one hard drive connected. Not having one hard drive connected can cause incorrect readings from the power supply.
3. Push the paper clip into the the ATX connector so it touches the Green (pin 14) and one of the Black wires (ground). Plug the power cord into an electrical source. This should make the power supply fan spin.
4. Attach your black lead from the voltmeter to the chassis to ground the voltmeter.
5. Adjust the voltmeter to read DC, not AC.
6. Using the red lead, test the different colors of the ATX connector. These are the voltages that each of the colors should approximate: Orange 3.3v, Red 5v, Purple 5v, Yellow 12v, Blue -12v, White -5v. The readings should be within 5% of the rated voltage with very little fluxuation.

B. The surge protector or UPS is causing problems. I've actually seen them cause sporatic reboots and make the pc lock up because it is not working correctly or doing a reverse polarity.

C. The motherboard is failing. This is very hard to diagnose.

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