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    Computer won’t start


    by jmariscal69 ·

    My Computer:
    AMD 900Mhz
    128MB RAM
    CD 52x
    32MB Prophet II Video
    1? years old… just out of warranty

    My computer decided to not start recently. Both fans on the power supply and CPU work, and there’s a red light on the motherboard. Before this happened, I would have lock up problems running multimedia, which i never had before. Could it just be the RAM that failed, or am I looking at having to replace the motherboard?

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      Computer won’t start

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Computer won’t start

      Start by removeing and re-seating the RAM and video card.
      (Get an ESD wrist strap before removing cards or RAM)

      If that doesn’t fix things, then remove all other plug in cards, and try again.

      If it now POSTs, replace the cards one at a time until you identify the culprit.

      If it still doesn’t POST, it is either the power supply, video card, CPU, or motherboard.

      You can either borrow and swap parts, or take it in to a shop. They will likely charge $35-50 for a diagnosis.


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      Computer won’t start

      by pinoy_teknik ·

      In reply to Computer won’t start

      Try to check those card, weather it is inserted properly. also the memory check it out…

      I think it is just a card or memory that is not properly inserted. Just follow Chas steps and you will find out if there is a defective hardware…Hope it is not a defective…


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      Computer won’t start

      by jmariscal69 ·

      In reply to Computer won’t start

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