Computer won't start

By Windranger ·

It's very strange, but my laptop computer just doesn't start anymore.

When I press the start button, I hear the sound of the hard drive trying to boot fot two seconds, but then it stops.
there is absolutely nothing on the screen, it just remains black.

I always use it with AC adapter plugged in and the batteries are full.

So I wonder where I should start the investigations from.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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Unplug the AC Adapter and see what happens now

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer won't start

It is always possible that the AC Adapter is no longer working and that you have a Flat Battery however if that is not the case here it gets very expensive.

A totally dead NB generally means a dead M'Board and that generally means a New NB as they are cheaper to buy new than to repair. Or at the very least it's not an economical Repair.

Though you can check with the Maker and see if a Product Recall has been issued on your Model.


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