Computer wont start

By dhaval.bhavsar ·
I recenty replaced my power supply on my eMachines, and now the computer just wont start. The light in the front will turn on, but just stay on. When I connect my moniter, it just blinks. I have tried replacing the video card, but the problem persists. What other measures can I take to resolve this issue?

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Have you check the mobo?

by jmgarvin In reply to Computer wont start

It sounds like you might have a dead mobo there. The computer isn't even getting to POST (you know...where it beeps).

My guess is a dead mobo.

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What to do?

by dhaval.bhavsar In reply to Have you check the mobo?

How would I check the mother board? I have tried different video-cards, and no result. It might be that, probably is that.

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With that in mind, it probably is the mobo

by jmgarvin In reply to What to do?

So, you'll need to replace that...If you buy at a local PC shop and explain the problem, they might have a loaner you can try with...

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Was there a problem with the old PSU?

by The Scummy One In reply to Computer wont start

why was it replaced?

Did you check that everything (Like the RAM, etc.) was not unseated?

I agree, it may be the MB, but it should not hurt to make sure that everything is seated properly.

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Have you tried removing your memory?

by sherman.crittenden In reply to Computer wont start

I was having that problem with my Lattitude D800 carried it inand was told the motherboard was bad. I came to this site and after trying several suggestions I removed the memory and reinstalled it and it came right up. It will only take a few minutes to try and might save you a whole lot of headaches. Hope it works for you like it did me.

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by IMran_dop In reply to Computer wont start

check ur processor n memory to0

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this happened to me as well

by aidan.murphy In reply to Computer wont start

when you change the power supply on the emachine unfortunately you have to change the motherboard as well.

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