computer wont start first time?

By thinktank24 ·
My laptop computer freezes on start up before the windows screen. If i then press the power off and then reboot it will start as normal. I dont know if this has something to do with sp2 for vista that i recently installed. Any ideas? btw. The same thing happens when i try a resume from hibernation. Although after power off/ power on, it resumes windows from hibernation mode.?

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Knowing the Make & Model of the System would help no end here

by OH Smeg In reply to computer wont start first ...

But as you didn't tell us what does their Web Site say about SP2 for Vista here?

It could be a Service Pack Issue that they have a Work Around for or it could just as easily be a failing Power Supply if it is a Desktop computer.

Systems refusing to come out of Hibernation are a common issue that there doesn't appear to be any fix for but if ti did come out previously it should still. You really need to look at the Makers Web Site or if it is a White Box the M'Board Makers Web Site and see what they list before you proceed any further.


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hp pavillion dv6000 laptop running vista premium sp2

by thinktank24 In reply to Knowing the Make & Model ...

yes i'm starting to think that it is nothing to do with windows and is poss hardware prob.because it freezes on the hp invent sxcreen before it loads windows. suppose could be a bios issue?
After going on and off at the invent screen a few times , it does load windows normally. I'm now thinking that it could be a loose conection or something?

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You really need to check with HP here

by OH Smeg In reply to hp pavillion dv6000 lapto ...

The dv6000 model has had several Product Recalls placed on the different production Runs so you should look up the Notices on the HP Web Site to see if your computer is affected.

If it is contact HP and let them sort it out for you. :0


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Thanks for that.

by thinktank24 In reply to You really need to check ...

unfortunately my laptop is slightly outwith the 24 month warranty. Such is life. Might send it anyway if it gets any worse. Thanks for your help smeg.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks for that.

But in the case of the NB's mentioned on the HP Web Site there is no Time Limit on the returns.

These Returns where an Agreement between HP and the Complaints who took HP to Court and won their case about Faulty Products being supplied by HP. The Standard warranty doesn't apply ion this situation.


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had to install new HDD

by thinktank24 In reply to Your Welcome

That seems to have fixed everything for now. Thanks,

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