Computer wont start.. only fan keep running.. help~

By bchen521 ·
Last night I put my computer into sleep mode and during the night, I accidentally unplug the power cord.. Next morning when I re-plug the power cord my window wont start.. When I push power only the fan is turn on..and it keep running.. but only black screen.
At first I though maybe my power supply unit is fried... I put in a new one but it is still the same...
Does it mean my mobo is fried??
Will someone help me out~
Thanks a lot!

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Which fan is running? The PSU Fan or a case fan?

IF you can, open the case and reseat the graphics card just to make sure, the re-apply to screws firmly and try again.

If that doesn't work, may I suggest resetting your CMOS via the jumper settings on your motherboard.

One of those methods should work, if not, write back on the outcome.


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