Computer won't start sometimes.

By JoeDohn72 ·
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I'm actually not sure where to put this. I guess it is a power issue.

This PC is 4-5 years old and I never had an issue with it before this.

Suddenly it wouldn't start. Flipped the switch in back off and on plus made sure the power cord was tight and then it came on. I thought maybe something was loose. But it happened again a week or so later, and kept happening more frequently. Now every time it's shut down I have to wait 12-36hrs to be able to turn it back on; it's kinda random.

When it's on it's absolutely fine, no issues at all. I've been leaving it on for 7-10 days at a time, although eventually it does crash and burn. I can even restart it from Start Menu and it's fine with that.

A couple of times (out of 20 maybe, when I had to wait longer and longer to start it) it did say something about "overclock failed". I actually have no idea if it was ever overclocked. I read someplace it could be the battery on the motherboard so I changed that out with a new one and all that caused was the loss of my bios settings! Very angry on that one because I have no idea what they were or how to get them back. And of course I'm still having this annoying "computer doesn't feel like starting today" issue.

It looks like it is getting power because there's a light on one of the boards that is on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Yes I would go with a Flat BIOS Battery as well.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer won't start some ...

All that is required to reset the bios is to enter it depending what the M'Board tells you to do at Boot Up Delt or one of the F keys to enter BIOS Setup and then set the Date & Time.

Then if there is a option to set BIOS Defaults set that and save as you exit and that is all that should be required.

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Already tried this.

by JoeDohn72 In reply to Yes I would go with a Fla ...

As I already stated in my original post, I already tried this and it did NOT fix it.

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No what you said was

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Already tried this.

"I read someplace it could be the battery on the motherboard so I changed that out with a new one and all that caused was the loss of my bios settings! "

and I replied on how to reset your BIOS Settings and the bit about overclocking is a Simple BIOS Error so if you followed the suggestions I posted above to save your BIOS Settings that should no longer be the case provided you fitted the battery the right way of course.

Anyway if it is not a BIOS Issue what you need to do is next time it is in the no go situation unplug the Power Cord from the Tower and press and hold the On Button for 10 seconds to fully discharge the capacitors on the Mother Board and Power Supply then plug the power lead back in and see if it starts now.

If it does then you have surges on the power line which need to be filtered out and if it makes no difference then it's a computer issue which probably means a new system or at the very least an expensive repair.

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