Computer wont turn on?

By computerhelpneeded ·
Hi, my computer is an hp pavillon a6235x pc. I woke up one day to go to my pc and pressed the button, but the comptuer would not turn on. i checked the back of the computer, and the green led wass still on. i pulled out the wire on the back, but the green light remains lit for a long while. Can anyone help me fix this problem? Thank you.

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RE:Computer wont turn on?

by ameack In reply to Computer wont turn on?

Are they any beeps when you turn on?
or is it totally dead.

Still you might try this
Try re-installing RAM or try a diferent RAM.

If still nothing happens and no beeps i think your motherboard is faulty or the CPU is dead.

They are many many possibilities why you PC does not start. So please provide some more info

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by computerhelpneeded In reply to RE:Computer wont turn on?

There are no beeps or anything. just the green light. sorry, i`m not really a compuer geek, i really have no clue what to do

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Answers, please

by NexS In reply to Yeah

-Which wire did you pull?

-Where is the green light (if there's a plug relating to it, description)?

-What cords are currently plugged in?

-Do any lights on the front of the computer flash/turn on what you press the power button(to switch it on)?

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This "wire" you pulled

by santeewelding In reply to Computer wont turn on?

What wire was that?

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Well for starters I would try the suggestions here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer wont turn on?

But this really sounds like a Power Supply Failure and the only solution is to replace the Power Supply with a new one.


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by jeevanbrar In reply to Computer wont turn on?

i have EXACTLY the same problem. i went to tiger direct to see what might be the problem and all they were able to do for free was to check if the power supply wasnt messed up. After he checked it, he said the power supply was good. So i decided to take my chances and buy a motherboard and replaced it with the one in this computer and it still didnt work... now im stuck and dont know what to do

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