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Computer Won't turn on no more

By vi3taznsk8erboi ·
ok. so I was reformatting my neffew's Harddrive for him but i accidentally changed the BIOS the wrong way and now the computer will turn on but, nothing shows up on da the screen. so yes what shall i do?

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by ep_turo In reply to Computer Won't turn on no ...

you have to reconfigure your BIOS you must set your setting to default by changing the BIOS jumper to default see your manual.... and beware

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Computer Won't turn on no ...

To reset the BIOS do this:

1. Unplug computer from mains

2. Move the BIOS jumper to "clear" position for a few seconds and then back to "set"


3. Remove the BIOS battery (it's sylver and the size of a coin) and wait for 5 minutes or so before putting it back (with attention to polariry)

ATTENTION: it doesn't matter if you chose method 2. or 3. , don't forget about the 1. rule.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Won't turn on no ...

First check all the connections and then if you still get no display pull the Video card and reset it.

Then if it still doesn't work the easiest way to clear the BIOS is to remove the Battery or change a jumper setting on the M'Board to clear the BIOS.

As you didn't mention the make or model of the M'Board I can not tell you a lot more but both will be in the M'Board manual that came with the M'Board or you can download a manual from the Makers web site.

Of course if you are dealing with a Notebook it is an entirely different story and you really do not want to go there.

When you get a display again go into the BIOS and set it the way you need it but leave the DISPLAY ADAPTER SETTING ALONE and no matter what else you change you will still see what you have done wrong.

It wouldn't hurt to check the monitor either as once I spent hours trying to find a fault in a computer only to find that I had wasted so much time because my monitor had developed a fault and the display disappeared when it got hot but it did look as if it was working just no display on the CRT.

If it is a Notebook plug in an external monitor to override the built in one and see if you can then get a display so you can reset the BIOS to have the Notebooks display working again.


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