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By vinay_ajmera2003 ·
hye. i have a desktop computer and i am facing this problem "INSERT BOOT MEDIA/SELECT PROPER DEVICE" several times. It happen suddenly. After some time of using my computer when i restart it occur again? I am very disturb with this.Can anyone help me?

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Problem with your HDD

by AruJammer In reply to computere solution

First of all check if all your drive are empty (CD/DVD,floppy and usb)

Then run a BIOS HDD test, with the most BIOS you have this option. See if your HDD is not giving an error.

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Well as this is happening while the computer is running

by OH Smeg In reply to computere solution

You have either a HDD Failing or a M'Board Hard Drive Controller Failing.

If you know the make of the HDD inside this computer go to the makers Web Site and download their Drive Testing Utility and test the drive. If it fails this test remove the HDD and fit it to another computer and rerun the test if it still fails the Drive needs replacing so save your Data & Settings Immediately and replace the HDD.

If it passes on the second test the Hard Drive Controller on the M'Board or the Data Lead or the Power Supply is faulty and the faulty part/s need replacing.

Start out with the Data Lead from the original Computer and test this on a HDD in the second computer if it still fails the Lead needs replacing. If it passes now you need to replace the PS with a Known Good Power Supply and rerun the test on the original computer. If it still fails you need to replace the M'Board and if it now passes you need to replace the Power Supply.

If this is only happening on the reboot first check for any media left in the drives like a Floppy or a Bootable Optical Drive remove it and try again. If it is still occurring run the HDD Testing Utility as per the directions above.

If you don't know the make of the HDD you can use Seatools from Seagate but if the test fails the error message may not be correct as to what is going wrong. You will only know that the Drive,Lead, Power Supply or M'Board need replacing.

Of course if this is a old Desktop Computer the BIOS Battery may have gone flat and need replacing. You then need to reset the BIOS to the Factory Defaults and insert the correct Date & Time to allow the system to boot.


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