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Computers and condensation

By ars78 ·
I purchased a Compaq Evo N600c last year. I had problems with the hard drive burning out. Compaq sent me three hard drives before I decided to take a closer look at the notebook. I discovered that the fan was not running during start up, so I called Compaq and they sent me a box to ship the item to their IT department. Now they are saying that my warranty doesn't cover water damage. Well I have been looking around for answers and discovered that condensation occurs without proper ventalation and cooling. Therefore, I believe that condensation built up due to a faulty fan. I just want to know more about condensation build up, cooling systems, and proper ventalation concerning laptops with a pentium 3 or 4 processor.

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by TheChas In reply to Computers and condensatio ...

The number one source of condensation for a laptop computer is moving from a cold dry environment to a warm moist environment.

When you bring a PC from a cold car into a warm house or office, the moisture in the air WILL condense on and inside the laptop.

The best way to reduce / eliminate this condensation is to transport the laptop in a padded case.
Then, wait for the laptop to fully warm up to room temperature before opening the case.
Depending on the temperature difference and how long the laptop was in the cold, it can take over an hour for the laptop to reach room temperature.

The purpose of the case fan is to remove heat from inside the laptop.
While air circulation will help dry out the laptop, the fan does NOT prevent condensation from forming.


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