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Computers are for women!!

By degwell ·
do not get me wrong but that is what my uncle told me he thought when he first came face to face with a computer.. in my part of the woods we do not get to see many of them.
his reason was that he saw a keyboard and to him typing is a thing done by secretaries he did not see how it would help him fix cars(a gifted mechanic)
well afew years down the road, cars are getting computerised and he has to touch a key board.
recently we both got our private pilots licenses and i can now do OUR flight plans on the comp.
thanx in advance

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by jkaras In reply to Computers are for women!!

can tell or make someone enjoy something, they have to choose to like or be interested. You can show someone the basics, then leave them alone to figure it out for themselves, eventually they will get familiar at their own pace and they will ask questions. The reality is that people, men or women are stubborn and will not change their mind due to ego that they were wrong, they will purposely avoid the change to prove their point. Nobody likes to look stupid in front of others, especially if they are older, its sad but true. The only other way is to put together a computer or a cheap one and give it as a gift for xmas or birthday where they will have to honor the gift giver and try to use it. Other than that thats all the advice I could give, good luck.

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WARNING not for politically correct

by BHunsinger In reply to nothing
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Flight Simulator

by jdmercha In reply to Computers are for women!!

Get some good computer games. He'll be hooked in no time.

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Your uncle got it wrong

by jardinier In reply to Computers are for women!!

Computers were not designed for women, but the female psyche was used as the model for their design.

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thanx for all the help!!

by degwell In reply to Your uncle got it wrong

i reeally appreciate all the help guys!!

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Secretaries = women?? NOT!

by RknRlKid In reply to Computers are for women!!

>>"...he saw a keyboard and to him typing is a thing done by secretaries..."

Your uncle should be old enough to know that the secretaries=women idea is a recent invention.

From what I understand, prior to World War I secretaries were always men. In those days men were the secretaries in business. Men learned shorthand and keyboarding in college. Female secretaries are a rather recent (under 100 year-old) invention. And by-the-way, this trend is reversing, with more men getting into the field.

I think he is just making an excuse to not learn something new :)

As an aside, if computers are for women, is that why they won't learn them, because they are for male geeks?

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Speaking for the FEMALE geeks of the world..

by maecuff In reply to Secretaries = women?? NOT ...

It is good to be a woman:

1. We got off the Titanic first.

2. We can scare male bosses with the mysterious gynecological disorder excuses.

3. Taxis stop for us.

4. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing.

5. No fashion faux pas we make could ever rival the Speedo.

6. We don't have to pass gas to amuse ourselves.

7. If we forget to shave, no one has to know.

8. We can congratulate our teammate without ever touching her rear end.

9. We never have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there.

10. We have the ability to dress ourselves.

11. We can talk to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked.

12. If we marry someone 20 years younger, we are aware that we will look like an idiot.

13. We will never regret piercing our ears.

14. There are times when chocolate really can solve all your problems.

15. We can make comments about how silly men are in their presence because they aren't listening anyway.

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Number 7

by jardinier In reply to Speaking for the FEMALE g ...

I take it that you have hairy legs.

My congratulations on your strength of character for displaying your individuality.

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It IS Winter..

by maecuff In reply to Number 7

No shorts, no bathing suits...really, what's the point of shaving every day?

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Number 14...

by Salamander In reply to Speaking for the FEMALE g ... the absolute truth! It's just a matter of inverse proportion: the greater the amount of chocolate consumed, the smaller the problem becomes. This effect has also been occasionally observed with respect to Krispy Kremes.

Thanks for speaking up for us female geeks!

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