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Computers cuts off when loading xp

By clbaker85 ·
I am building 2 computers, specs as follows: MSI motherboard KM4M-V, AMD Sempron 2400+ CPU, 512 PC3200 DDR RAM, 40GB Maxtor Hard Drive, and a CD-ROM. Every time that I start loading XP Pro, both of the computers shut themselves off right after loading all the drivers, and before option to format with NTFS screen. I have tried different BIOS settings, reset CMOS, reseated CPU and fan, etc.. I know that I will probably have to update BIOS after I get loaded, but am lost for now. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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by willcomp In reply to Computers cuts off when l ...

I've used a number of MSI KM4M series mobos with Athlon XP2200 CPUs and WinXP Pro without problems. A BIOS update should not be required to install XP.

My first inclination is RAM. Try setting memory bus to 166MHz instead of SPD control and see if that helps. The Sempron has a 333MHz bus, so won't affect CPU performance.

Or, better still, install a stick of known good DDR333 (PC2700) RAM.


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by clbaker85 In reply to

I tried a good known stick of PC2700 RAM, also tried setting bus at 166MHz with the PC3200. I have a 300W power supply, could that be an issue? I don't have anything larger to test with. Thank you for your suggestions.

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by dmiles In reply to Computers cuts off when l ...

The problem may exist if the OS was loaded on another machine,it does not detect the configuration settings.So check that the OS disc is not a pirated copy.

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by joker64 In reply to Computers cuts off when l ...

That msi motherboard has to use 333 memory to install the basic op system.....i had 3 of em all the same but after you get all your updates at microsoft,do install the new bios at msi.They are sweet boards after that.

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by Murray Brydon In reply to Computers cuts off when l ...

One thing to check would be the IDE cable as if you use an old 40 pin rather than 80pin conductor cable(with the blue end) then you will get blue screens and problems like this when trying to install/run XP

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