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Computers Rebooting on their own

By aszygowski ·
Hi. I'm running NT 4.0 server and NT and 98 workstations.Sometimes some of my computers are rebooting on their own, without any paticular reason.Could someone tell me the reasons why it could happen or tell me what to look for in order to eliminate all the possibilities.Thanks.

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by baklaguy In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

When they reboot are they cold booting or soft booting as in the CTRL-ALT-DEL escape sequence?

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Cold Booting

by aszygowski In reply to Question

Hi, Thanks for your response.

I think it is a cold boot, but I don't totally know the differance between the two.


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by rsalvana In reply to Cold Booting

How is your power situation? Do you use UPS's? If you do, are they any good? A loss of power without a UPS, or for a duration longer than the UPS can handle, will reboot your machines.

Cold Boot = cycle power to reboot
Warm boot = press resetto reboot

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Power outage?

by trishd In reply to Power

Prior to Y2K we had a planned power outage and found that some of our PC's rebooted too. Look in setup (when the PC first boots up) and see if you can change a setting that has to do with power detection.

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Safe Mode

by mismgr In reply to Power outage?

We had some systems that were doing the same thing....I resolved this problem by booting up the computer in safe mode, then ran a full scandisk on the drive. The problem then ceased. This was only happening on my Windows95 systems. Hope this helps. Scott

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Re: Cold vs. Warm boot

by draco vulgaris In reply to Power

Ok, say I walk into the room and find a machine in the process of booting. Can the machine itself tell me if it is doing a cold or a warm boot?

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Cold and Warm boots

by netman66 In reply to Re: Cold vs. Warm boot

Yes, but u must catch it booting at a certain
time. Most machines upon a cold boot, u will
notice a memory test executing. On a warm
boot, this test is not done. That's how u
would know which boot is done. And if u don't
know; Cold boot - powercomputer off and on
Warm boot - use Ctrl+Alt+Del

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some suggestions

by eksm69 In reply to Question


possibilities for rebooting follows

1.check ur electric power inlet

2.check ups output if u have any

3.check earthing in ur power inlet as well as at ups output

4.check ur smps output

5.remove virus if any(boot sector virus)6.if ram bad it also cause the machine reboot

7.system files may be damaged

8.reconfigure the drivers

9.check this with minimum hardware configurations

10.if above tips not helps u contact ur system vendor

kindly reply me the results

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re: pc booting on there own

by paul In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

First thing to check is power managment settings in your bios setup.
I have come across this problem if the pc is soft power switched and you have the wake up on lan function enabled or any of the other wake up finctions enabled ie: a serial devicewhich could also mean a modem. A faulty nic once turned off pc's on my netwotk.

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System reboots

by chris.bianchi In reply to re: pc booting on there o ...

Are all of these the same model systems? Are all of their cases similar in design? NT is very resource intesive and problems in system design become more apparant as the OS becomes more demanding. For example, a problem with a PC design might never be found when someone uses DOS, but when the upgrade to Windows 95 or 98, problems arise. Things like graphics, sounds, multitasking, device management, etc, are all very taxing to a system. This forces a system to run at higher and higher temperatures. Intel, AMD, and Cyrix make their chips fault-tolerant to ambient temperatures. When a chip gets too hot, the system will reboot itself for a quick "cool down" prior to damage. If this happens frequently, the system design may be at fault. Due to the taxation of the OS, this may or may not occur with lesser Operating Systems (such as DOS, 3.1, 95 or 98, linux, etc) even on the same machine.

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