Computers Repair business from Home?

By sanwardak ·
I am thinking to start a computer repair and Web design business from home. I need your opinions regarding putting my business address on my business card? Is it good idea to put my home address on my business card or not? I don't fell to because I live on 10th floor in a building and it is rental. On the other hand if I don't put my address on the card, my customers will not fell comfortable doing business with me as they might think this guy is not professional. Working on Webdesign from home is good as I am planning to visit businesses in person and taking their order home, but when it come to computer repair it is hard if some people want to bring it to me it will be cheap for them, but if I come to them it will cost them more. How you guys handle this who are working from home? Thanks in advance for your input!!

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Well Web Design is fairly easy to answer this about

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computers Repair business ...

But Computer Repair is a completely different story. If you want to pickup all repairs you'll be forever running around and have very little time left over to do the actual work. Other than Small Business who would want On Site Repair Work most Domestic Work if that is what you are looking at is done at home.

You can not afford to spend hours in one customers place getting paid for 1 computer when you could have been Home doing 5 or 6 as there is a lot of time wasted waiting for Windows to do something. Also with Downloads you'll be at the mercy of whatever they have at their home and it's likely to be slower so that means more time.

Personally if you are doing Repair Work I don't see that you have any choice but maybe that's just me. However even if you get a Courier Service to do all your pickup's/deliveries it's going to increase Repair Time by at least 2 days and most likely longer not to mention how you get paid for what the Courier drops off for you.


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Reponse To Answer

by sanwardak In reply to Well Web Design is fairly ...

Thank you for the info
So should I put my home address on business card? What do you think if I just give my building address not my unite #, then I will tell them to drop their pc by appointment and I will come down to them to pick up from them from infront of my building door. I am putting my main focus on Web design. As computer repair market is slow. I studied 2 year computers system at college, now it is hard to get job I am looking for work for long time, so that is why I have to do something, better then waiting for other to hire me.

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If your community has one,

you could rent a post office box and use the box number for business correspondence.
However, that still leaves the problem of pickup/delivery for repair orders.

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Well realistically

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Placing your Building address but not the unit number is only any good when you know that something is coming. If you grow to get a regular clientle do you honestly believe that they would ring you before deciding to drop it off?

More importantly do you want then ringing you where you are asked for Free Advice when they could just drop it off and leave you free to do the work?

I do mostly Small Business work here and I spend a lot of my time giving out Free Advice to the most silly questions which I should be charging for but it's not really worth the effort as I would spend more time making up a bill than it's worth. Besides I want them to ring me first so that I can tell them how to do something without them wrecking the entire thing and taking hours to fix it up after the event.

Domestic Users are a different thing though and they think differently. As I don't do a lot of those I'm not an expert but I consider most silly.

As an example one customers staff member made a complaint about me because I asked for her home address. Apparently I was supposed to know where she lived so I could go and fix her computer for free when she asked me but she got offended when I asked where I had to go to see the computer. She wasn't even Blondie.

But that is a perfect example of how some think, they expect you to be at their mercy but don't want to be involved in helping themselves. On the other hand there is a lot of satisfaction involved as well but with me at least some of the frustrations get me down.


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Home based Computer Repair

by pcrx_greg In reply to Computers Repair business ...

We have run a home based PC repair business for more than ten years. There are advantages and disadvantages and I will cover a few of each.
Advantages: Lower overhead, work on PCs when you feel like it (like at 3 in the morning or on a Sunday afternoon), convenient commute.
Disadvantages: Clients calling at three in the morning or on Sunday afternoon, you give up some of your privacy if your clients visit your apartment or home, you can't get away from your business because it is always there.
A few suggestions if you are interested: get a separate business phone line so you can turn it off when you are "closed", if possible make arrangements with a business near your apartment to act as a depot for clients to drop off PCs, pick up PCs and meet with you. Set strict business hours and stick to them, clients will drive you crazy if they think you are available 24/7. Always keep accurate records on what the client brings in for repair and the condition that it was in when they brought it to you. I've had clients tell me that: 1.) I damaged their computer, I spilled coffee on their PC, I lost a cord or disk that they brought with it, etc. If you write it down and give them a copy then there should be no dispute. Just a few thoughts, Good Luck!

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Home based Computer Repair

by cellino In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Two suggestions I use sometimes a business owned by a friend to accept the client dropping off the computers. My friend hands them a receipt for delivery and I can then pick it up from him. Hes very close to where I live. I have also a PO Box at a local private mail station. They guys at the mail station will sign for any deliveries dropped off for me. If I call to let them know they will provide a receipt to the person dropping off the computer. It depends on what type of relationship you develop with the business owner or manager. It works for me.

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Been doing this for about 6 years

by solutions In reply to Computers Repair business ...

I do not put my home address on my business cards, and it is not considered unprofessional HOWEVER, I do not have clients drop off at my house either. I will go pick up of meet at a public place. I also do primarily remote, software support. If you plan to do more hardware repair, you might have different considerations. I agree completely on the pros/cons of working at home and setting limits to avoid having your work overwhelm your personal time . . . still trying to find that balance, but I enjoy what I do and can't imagine doing any other job.
Word of caution . . . Website design and PC tech support are very different types of work that require very different types of concentration. Tech support requires multitasking - Web design requires uninterrupted focus. Tried to do both at the same time once with horrible results.
Also . . . TRACK YOUR TIME. Don't let yourself get behind in billing. :-P

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Rent a Box

by a.portman In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Some PO box rental places will provide you with a "street address" as opposed to a PO box address. You would be: The XYZ Computer Repairs, 123 Main Street Suite 27,... instead of PO Box 27. You can use that address for drop off/pick up as well as UPS/FEDEX deliveries and have someone available to sign for stuff.

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Thanks to all of you

by sanwardak In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Thanks to all of you for your input. I think I will go a head with one of the two choices, first give just my street address or find someone close to my building who can take thing on my behalf.


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Check Your Lease

by TheChas In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Before you run a repair business from your apartment, check your lease and local laws. You may find out that your landlord can cancel your lease if you run a business from your apartment.

You should be able to run the web design from home, just be discrete.

If you can run a repair business without voiding your lease, be choosey about your clients. Keep it to on-site or you pick up the computers. This will limit complaints from other tenants.

Consider a separate phone line and / or cell phone for the business. That way, you can set an after hours message and allow your friends and family to call your normal number.

Rather than a simple PO box, consider a mail forwarding business service that allows you to have a street address and number. Makes things look like you have a business location.

I don't know how Canada is for this, but in many US states you need to follow the rules for sales tax or the state can seize your business assets. I've been told that some state sales tax agents are harder to work with than Federal agents are.

Also, watch for new trends in the business and keep your inventory low. You don't want to have a lot of money tied up in obsolete inventory.


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