Computers Restarts continously..??!!

By ycmizrahi ·
here is the problem:

my new assambed pc was working great/ than i have just wanted to add a new fan. from that moment i cant logon to windows. Not even to recovery screen. It fails and i get a blue screen which sais problem with HDD! i have changed it and stll the same problem.

Here is my conf:
Core 2DUO E6550
Intel DP35Dp motherboard
Saphire HD2600 512MB Graphics Card
and Corsair VX450W PSU
Chassis: HEC 6XM1

#first off all i thought that i f==ked my mboard. so i replaced it with a new one (warranty) - didnt worked!
# replaced the RAMs (same one /working) from the other PC - didnt worked
#replaced the cpu (from the other PC) with a m.board supported cpu. didnt worked. same problem.
#replaced the Graphics card from the other PC
didnt worked!!!!
#CPU is always cool @36Cels. Using a Big Typhoon (TT) thats what bios says. If i remove the fan it gets up continiously so i am sure that the CPU is OK too.
#When I use Ubuntu LiveCD everything is working correctly.
#Changed my PSU with a brandnew one (used the warranty) and still the same thing

i power on my pc get to the Windows load screen and boom! it restarts and the same **** again and again.
every hardware on the pc works perfect! i dont understand what is the problem

i appraciate any suggestions / help!

thanks for your time!

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Sounds like a Software error

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computers Restarts contin ...

Depending on the OS you are using you may need to either reinstall it or perform a In Place Install.

If you have XP all you need do is follow the directions here

Not sure if this works with Vista though as I don't know anyone silly enough to actually be using it.


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same thing. i even cant reinstall

by ycmizrahi In reply to Sounds like a Software er ...

first thanks for the reply Col;

well the thing is that i have 2 HDD 2 different OS. ! with Vista and the other one is XP. I am connecting each time different HDD and stl the same. It fails to load the Windows and doesnt metter Vista or XP the same.

So i got another HDD from the other PC which runs XP. Installed it and the same thing. Cant load and restarts. So i said ok i ll reinstall XP. Nothing changed. The same thing. It gets to the Win Setup screen. And i get a message about an HDD error. well it is not possible cause the HDD works wonders in the other Pc and everything is fine with the HDD i made 2 checkdisk and various disk utilities. And the HDD has SMART capabiity and it reports that it is in very good condition too \

i am going crazy!

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OK you only have a couple of options left

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to same thing. i even cant r ...

If the Software is not the problem it has to be the Hardware. When you added the extra fan what did you connect it to? Was it directly to the M'Board? If so have you plugged in both the Power Leads?

That is the ATX Plug a 20 or 24 pin plug and the 4 or 6 pin ancillary plug so that the M'Board gets all the current that it requires. If you miss the second plug the M'Board may be running with low voltage and causing the problem.

Similarly if the PS used has a take off for just fans it's possible to overload that Rail and pull the 12 V Rails down to something to low to allow the system to work correctly.

Have you tried disconnecting the Fan to see if things improve?


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everything looks correct no connection problems

by ycmizrahi In reply to OK you only have a couple ...

Well first thanks again for the reply
i did connected the fan to the MB regulary.
(3pin connection) and no i didn't plugged the fan to the PSU. By the way i have tried to connect the fan directly to the PSU and stll no luck.

Its an ATX 24 plug pin. and 4 pin ancillary.
and both of them connected. I have checked the PSU with another system and works wonders.

And yes i even tried to connect only Graphics card + Stock CPU fan to the mother board and nothing helps. still the same problem

as i told before RAM and Grafhix card are working (tested on another system) and i have tried my system using RAM and graphix card from the other system. Well! No luck!

I am getting mad :) i just cant figure it out

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Did you mount the fan to MB?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Computers Restarts contin ...

According to the description of the Big Typhoon, that fan its described as "near" universal, which means to me not universal enough. Here's what's said about that fan.

"Included with the Big Typhoon are some well laid out mounting instructions, a blister pack of white thermal grease and mounting hardware for all currently available platforms. The Thermaltake Big Typhoon is BIG as we said. Given its weight, the included universal mounting hardware is a straight forward back plate that is attached under the mainboard. Multiple mounting hole combinations drilled into this plate make it near universal. The downside of this is that if your mainboard doesn't have mounting holes around the socket, you're out of luck."

Did you follow the recommendations for installing the fan, including using the backplate, etc. If your motherboard doesn't contain these holes you may be "out of luck." Also, have you tried reinstalling the old fan to see if it will start? You might need to just reinstall the cpu and fan (make sure to check for any bent pins! See my earlier post CPU upgrade problem) Most restarts are related to heat or power. You have both these covered so it appears it's a bad cpu install or a bad connection with your fan and cpu, perhaps due to the weight of the fan.

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the BT is not the problem

by ycmizrahi In reply to Did you mount the fan to ...

well as i said the system was working great. with the big typhoon. i even disconnected all the fans. connected to the MB only the stock CPU fan + Graphics card and stkk the same problem.
by the way i have a 775 intel board with so i am not out of luck.. for now at least :)

i do not think that this is a heat problem. Cause i see through the bios that the temps are just fine. about 35C-36C. i have d/c the Big typhoon from the MB for 3 seconds and the cpu temp increased to 50C. which it means that the cpu working correctly and the bios is reading temp correctly too.


thanks for the reply

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More power maybe

by Mayhem1969 In reply to the BT is not the problem

I am sorry. Your original post said "add a fan", and I assumed it was the BT, since it was mentioned. I agree that heat does not appear to be an issue. The most likely suspect is power. Have you reset the bios after adding the new fan? It's possible the added fan simply overloaded the ps and you got a shutdown. The bios may be registering the fan in memory (even if it is disconnected) and you may still be experiencing power issues.

According to intel's tech specifications power recommendations are:

"For a system consisting of a supported 65 W processor, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, one hard disk drive, one optical drive, and all board peripherals enabled, the minimum recommended
power supply is 300 W."

I think you said you have 2GB of Ram, 2 hard disks, and several fans. Although I don't think you have all peripherals enabled as mentioned by Intel. You may need more power as mentioned by the last post. I would reset the bios and then start with a minimum configuration and work up from there.

I hope this helps. This would frustrate the crap out of anyone.

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Try replacing your power supply unit

by jobs4vjlx16 In reply to Computers Restarts contin ...

I had an almost similar problem just a week ago. I replaced the power supply unit and now, my pc is ok. Hope it works for you.

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Two Questions

by IC-IT In reply to Computers Restarts contin ...

What was the error number and error message concerning this "blue screen which said problem with HDD!"?

Second what was the last driver or software installed before you shut down to add the fan?

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computer restarts again & again..

by shankar2485 In reply to Computers Restarts contin ...

Dude, try to boot in safe mode or just boot ur pc with OS cd(wat ur pc is running) and repair otherwise just format and reinstall os. this is the only solution. If u want ur data's back, connect ur HD to any other working pc and make it as secondary and copy all the data's and then format it.

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