comuter powers up for 1 sec then restarts over and over again

By theprideroc ·
my computer powers up for 1 sec then shuts off its using a intel dg41cn mother board i diconnected and removed all hdwr except cpu and it will run steady and post a 3 beep bio i then installed the grafix card agian a 3 beep bio. so i placed one card of ram in and again it shuts down 1 sec after powering on

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Request for Clarification

by Old-Timer In reply to Clarifications

What did you do before this all started?

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Try fitting a Known Good Power Supply

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

And see if it works now.

You are describing a Power Supply with failing Capacitors.


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Will it boot from a bootable CD?

by Goldenbarstewart In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

Try booting from your Windows install disk or other bootable CD or DVD. Will it run OK?

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by dougorr2000 In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

Check the caps next to the processor on the mb if they are popped out they are bad one or two may cause intermittent restart. Or you have a virus. good luck eh.

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reset the motherboard

by enytaz In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

These beeps usually mean that something has gone wrong inside the computer. Make sure the video card is in proplerly in the computer if there isnt a onboard one. Also, make sure that all hard drives, fans, the processor and motherboard are all connected and work when you power on. if all these are ok then you have a much more serious problem! Hope this helps!

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Bad RAM?

by korenm64 In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

I had a similar-sounding problem (computer would start to power up, then turn off after a couple of seconds) and it turned out to be bad RAM. See if you can get hold of some known good RAM and try putting that in.

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Mark Pelea

by macoyshit In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

I think you had a problem with your ram.. try to change all ram with a good one.. dont put the old ram with the good ram and try it again... if it still beeps 3 times then you probably got problem with your ram slot ^_^ 3 beeps from the motherboard means your ram Fail*

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RAM Compatability?

by oldbaritone In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

Not all RAM works with all motherboards. You didn't mention if you were doing a RAM upgrade. If these RAM sticks were working previously, at least one may be bad. If you have new RAM, double-check the RAM and motherboard specifications to ensure it's the correct type and speed of RAM.

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Reinstalling the OS

by Damaine45 In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

Hello I had the same issue recently, and I reinstalled the OS, because there was a driver error in my installation, if you can get to the boot screen, try using an OS disk to boot up, and see if the issue is resolve

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the thermal use by date

by krama In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

cpu overheats and closes system down and reboots when temperature drops
thermal paste on cpu - heatsink no good, clean both surfaces and apply more thermal paste

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