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Concatenate 100 Excel Spreadsheets

By helerixgroup ·
I have 100 Excel spreadsheets that contain schedule information - single entries per cell. I would like to concatenate or merge these into one spreadsheet that contains multiple text entries per cell.

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Concatenate 100 Excel Spr ...

In Excel you can not have multiple text entries in one cell.

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by willcomp In reply to Concatenate 100 Excel Spr ...

Maybe an Access guru will see this and expound further.

I believe that you can convert spreadsheets to Access tables and then merge data fields using Access. However, the details of how to do so are beyond my current expertise (haven't done anything but simple stuff in years).


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by cnwoods In reply to Concatenate 100 Excel Spr ...

In response to the previous answer, Access allows you to link to existing spreadsheets (this will only work if they keep the same name and file location from month to month, but will only need to be set up once, and then you can run it however often the spreadsheets change) and then set relationships between them.
You're on the right track with concatenation to insert the contents of several cells into one, but if you're looking to set something up as a real timesaver you might find access the better solution since it is one setup, run at will. Not sure exactly what you're looking for from the description, though. It would be easier if you were to post an example of what was in the columns, and what you wanted as output, to give you clearer directions.


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Pulling worksheets together

by mryanaz In reply to Concatenate 100 Excel Spr ...

Pulling together 100 worksheets can be a challenge. There are add-ins that provide a way to merge worksheets after the fact but you may have a problem depending how the sheets are formatted. Distributed Spreadsheet would make the merge process a single click exercise but you need to build a workbook with all of the worksheets included in the 1 workbook.

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