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Concept idea I've no idea how to organise

By Deadly Ernest ·
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My son and I have just been having a discussion about spammers - it was due to my having just flagged a few of them here while he just killed some emails he got. Anyway, the outcome of the discussion was:

- Wouldn't it be nice if there was an email address or website where we could forward spam message to and they would then organise a few days of Denial of Service attacks on the sites being promoted by the spammers.

We concluded that if this happened:

- after a few incidents any site that was paying people to send spam would find it counter productive and stop it;

- spammers doing this for other reasons like getting people to visit their trojan laden site would get a bit upset to find their sites being trashed;

- the value of spam bot nets would decrease, and hopefully reduce the number.

Sadly, neither of us knows how to contact anyone who would do this and doubt it would happen in real life - but isn't it a NICE dream?

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Run it by an*on*y*mous

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Concept idea I've no idea ...

It sounds like their type of gig.

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except I've no idea how to contact them - not my area of expertise

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Run it by an*on*y*mous

but don't you LOVE the idea of getting back at the spammers?

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There's no "them" to contact.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to except I've no idea how t ...

But you can skim Twitter for #anonops to find some people who might be involved.

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as I'm not a Twit, I don't go near twitter at all, if I want some tweets

by Deadly Ernest In reply to There's no "them" to cont ...

I'll buy a flipping canary as they're nicer.

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Yea, me neither.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to as I'm not a Twit, I don' ...

So I popped #anonops in my search engine and got this:
They run some IRC rooms there, probably a good place to float balloons.
But, as always, you won't know if who you're talking to is an activist, a gubermint agent or a regular pedestrian.

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We have one in the US

by AV . In reply to Concept idea I've no idea ...

Its Has it stopped spam? No. Its unfortunate, but as long as people keep clicking on links in spam emails and unwanted pop-ups offering protection from some unknown internet virus, the spammers have won.

It is a nice dream though.


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by Lairdo In reply to We have one in the US

Until people quit clicking on the links in their in box from spam, the spammers will not stop.

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Do you get junk mail in your mailbox at home?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Agreed

I think everyone does. As a kid I delivered a local Real Estate Weekly newspaper. Some people left them on the step for weeks, soggy and windblown all over. Some people said they didn't want it and to stop delivering it. Some people complained if the DIDN'T get one.

Some people don't want the Safeway flyer, some people wait for it to plan a shopping trip.

People have complained about junk mail in their REAL mailboxes for decades (centuries?), probably since the printing press was invented anyway, perhaps cavemen got chunks of stone left by their caves that they didn't want either.

Does junk mail still get delivered home? yes. Should we punish the mailman for it? Nope, dogs give them a hard enough time already..

Face it, it's just something we all have to deal with now. I'm not condoning spam posts or junk mail or phishing attempts or anything else, but as a wise man once said (or maybe it was just my dad) choose your battles wisely.

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probably won't ever, but it's nice to think about annoying them as much as

by Deadly Ernest In reply to We have one in the US
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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Concept idea I've no idea ...

Just like the poorly managed black list websites that exist now, who will be the one to determine what is spam and what isn't? One mans trash is another's treasure.

I don't get spam, none at all. But I have properly managed my email addresses since new, I don't even get stuff in my Junk folder because spam isn't coming in.

For TR and other websites that I know will be bot and loser infested, I use an online account and even then, no real spam, just emails from the sites I subscribed to.

Anyway, sorry for the segue that didn't segue into anything relevant.

I have a friend that loves the junk she gets, I guess she's lonely and just like she feels she has 'friends' on Facebook, I suppose junk mail is real mail to many.

I have worked very hard in the past to configure a GroupWise email server with heuristic and keyword checks, it was very hard to manage but after about 6 months was stopping unwanted and allowing wanted mail. Even then, I would constantly get asked to white list what I would deem junk mail but was relevant to someone else.

So I guess it's really an impossible task, what is relevant and what is not? Of course, for a private site like TR, the moderators are there to make such determinations but even then, it could run afoul.

It is a NICE dream indeed, and I can sympathize with your concerns and see that you have put some real thought into a solution. Unfortunately, understanding what the problem is, is the real problem. Is THIS post a problem? Is that post a problem? Who decides?

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