Concept Keyboard A3 - 128 Made by Star Micro Systems.

By lexian_phoenix ·
I have recently aquired 4 Concept keyboards, Anyone who knows of any software or anyone who has tried to program software or even general drivers for these boards please step on up and make yourself know.

I am looking to make these old BBC Micro compatible boards work with Windows based machines so schools at least know what to do with these old sturdy boards.

I have already had one working with a BBC Micro and succesfully hokked it up to my printer port and installed power to make the thing work but I need people who can take the unknown data it outputs to the printer port and do something with it.

Get in touch if you even remember working with these things.

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well, for starters, here's the 'opposite' solution

by robo_dev In reply to Concept Keyboard A3 - 128 ...

using ps/2 keyboard on bbc

various bbc interface projects

I would suggest contacting one of the authors of the above web sites. If it's possible, they would know how to do such a feat.

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I had (have) and have used one.

by jenny In reply to Concept Keyboard A3 - 128 ...


I had and still do, have the keybourd.

I was never quite sure if i programmed the thing correctly, but i did get it working just fine. It apparted that if no key was pressed, you would get a random numbers, and if you where pressing a key, the key number would register on the userport. (0->127, or 1-128 if shift pressed (ie top bit was just the shift key) )
I programmed it by reading the data 3 times, and if i get the same number 3 times, you where pressing that key.

I always wondered if there was a more inteligant way to find out if a key was pressed, maybe the strobe was ment to trigger an interupt. I was quite young at the time, so wasnt sure how to go about testing that theory. (Reading 3 times seemed to work!)

I susspect it would be pritty easy to wire up, to a PC parelle port, maybe with no electronics at all, but havnt tried. But a new member of the family has come along, so i might dig it out, and try, for when he gets a little older. So if you'd cracked it, please let me know!


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