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    Concept of Tesla Homes by Elon Musk will be all controlled by Smartphone?


    by dashingzahiduol11 ·

    I have the following information about tesla homes and smart homes integration. Please read and comment below on what you think!!

    Currently, Tesla doesn’t offer fully smartphone-controlled homes. However, their existing products and hinted-at plans suggest a potential future in that direction.

    Controllable via smartphone:
    Tesla Powerwalls: Monitor energy usage, set charging schedules, and even sell excess energy.
    Tesla Solar Roof: Track energy production, manage consumption, and control individual power outlets.
    Tesla Smart Summon: Call your Tesla car to you using your smartphone.
    Tesla Home Assistant (integrated with Tesla app): Control lights, thermostats, and locks with voice commands.

    Potential future products:
    Tesla HVAC system: Control home heating and cooling via smartphone.
    Tesla smart appliances: Refrigerators, washing machines, etc., controllable with your phone.
    Tesla solar panels: Traditional panels potentially integrated with the Powerwall system.

    A fully smartphone-controlled Tesla home would likely be:
    High-tech and luxurious: Extensive control capabilities and energy efficiency.
    Unannounced and uncertain: Whether it becomes a reality is yet to be seen.
    The concept is intriguing, but the actualization by Tesla remains unclear.

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