concerning software for more than one laptop same household

By tedf.berry0011 ·
using microsoft software for more thanonelaptop if owned by the same person

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So, what is the question?

by w2ktechman In reply to concerning software for m ...

If I am interpreting this correctly (totally unsure, but here goes)
what you want to know is, if you buy a SW package can you install it on multiple systems.

If so, yes and no, it depends on the SW purchased.
If you buy Office, some versions can be installed on several systems. If you buy an OS like Win XP, NO. It is good for 1 system.

You need to look before purchasing, as many SW vendors will allow 1 person to use it on many systems, and others restrict to a single computer, while others have several choices (like MS Office).

If I interpreted wrong, please clarify what you are looking for

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microsoft works 2004 can this sw be used on more than one notebook

by tedf.berry0011 In reply to So, what is the question?

we are also currently lookin for another notebook can you recommend one duo processor whats better amd or intel

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Depends on preference

by w2ktechman In reply to microsoft works 2004 can ...

but for raw performance the core2Duo seems to take it for now. Personally, I only purchase AMD chips, someone needs to keep Intel moving forward, and AMD does a damn good job of it.

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Sorry, forgot to address the original question

by w2ktechman In reply to microsoft works 2004 can ...

for MS Works, I believe it depends on how it was purchased. It ususally comes bundled with other SW on a new system, in this case No. If it was purchased seperately, you will need to look at the license that was purchased or call MS

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Check your EULA

by KhongPhuTu In reply to concerning software for m ...

For most MS software, you can check the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) via MS Website before buying.

Specifically for MS Works, to the best of my knowledge they mainly come with the system from initial purchase, so it's likely that it's already installed and the EULA is in there. You can find the EULA either in the software's doc, via the Help/About (not on older software, not for all software), or the EULA file in the main software install directory, or subdirectory for the relevant software in question.

If you don't know much about what it's called, you can do a search for it from the
"X:\Program Files" directory. Search for the pattern "*EULA.txt", where X is the drive letter name where "Program Files" locates, usually in the same drive where the OS is installed but not necessarily so.

If you do know what it's called, go to that directory, then do the search for *EULA.txt.

Example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Works Suite 2006\Setup\WS06EULA.TXT

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