Concerning USB access block

By dickperkins ·
I have recently acquired a USB access block on both my laptop and my desktop computer. Both show in Device Manager the yellow triangles on all USB drivers, and inquiry says drivers are OK but hardware cannot be found. Updating drivers does not cure nor does removal and auto-install or reboot. I also note that all restore points do not work either, suggesting that this and the commonality of onset is a virus or worm I have acquired. Has anybody had experience with this and a cure, short of wipe and redo?

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Attempt virus/malware removal?

by robo_dev In reply to Concerning USB access blo ...

What sort of AV software do you have on the PCs?

What OS are you running?

First step is to try to identify what you've got, update your AV so it can kill it, and possibly do some tricks like starting the PC in safe mode to give the AV software a better shot at the virus.

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by dickperkins In reply to Attempt virus/malware rem ...

Running XP home or pro (desktop or laptop respectively)
Have run several virus and malware-clearing programs (Combofix, AVG, Kaspersky) with reinstalls on the last because it was my maintenance security software. Run in Safe Mode
as they suggested. All to no avail.
All this preceded my looking for answers from you all. have even done a Regedit that MS recommended for this error message. No change.

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Assuming that the virus is getting to the Windows USB drivers

by robo_dev In reply to Answers

Then perhaps the SFC utility may help to bring back a fresh uncorrupted set of drivers?

I would guess that the next step would be to do a data backup, then do an XP 'install in place', which would, in theory get the USB port issue fixed.

I would say it's a 70% chance that malware is the culprit, and 30% that it's just windows being windows. But I could be wrong....

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Thanks, but

by dickperkins In reply to Assuming that the virus i ...

Thank you. Questions arise:
1) Imagine backing up data without a USB output option.
2) What is SFC?
3) Drivers for this have already been uninstalled and reinstalled without success.
4) I agree with the malware theory since it occurred in two rigs almost simultaneously. My Security folk (Kaspersky) have not suggested familiarity with this outcome, though. I would think I might not be the only one wrestling with it. Also, one machine is on XP Home and the other XP Pro, so I don't think it is just WbW.
Any other ideas?

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by joshua0113 In reply to Concerning USB access blo ...

Try checking your computer BIOS settings to see if all of your USB ports are enabled. But since you mentioned that the connection between the USB ports would sometimes become unreadable or unrecognized by the OS, then perhaps reinstalling the USB port driver would be a good final approach if the yellow signals continue to show the yellow triangles. Perhaps also updating your device drivers, the issue might just be an outdated disconnection. In any case if you "search" up "device manager", there you will see all the devices connected to your computer, including the usb drivers. Going in to the driver might help you access information regarding the issue. Also scan for any viruses. But yea as a FINAL solution, re-installing the usb port driver might fix the issue with the connection malfunction.

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