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Concurrent license lockout issue

By CMB from Omaha ·
At my community college, we use s/w called "English Mastery" which is wonderful but unsupported. We are having a problem with users being locked out of the software because all of our concurrent use licenses are supposedly "in use". However, we know for a fact that this is not the case. For some reason, the "licenses" are not being released when they should be, or perhaps they are not all available in the first place! Rebooting workstations helps with this sometimes, but not always.

Our workstations run Windows XP with SP2, and our servers run Windows 2003 Server. TIA for any helpful hints.

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by ReWrite In reply to Concurrent license lockou ...

Do you have any documentation for the app? If so, does it explain how locking/usage is tracked? Most concurrent app packages keep track of usage with a special file in the app directory or a shared directory. If the app is not releasing users then sometimes this file can be deleted and will be recreated automatically the next time the app is started.



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by CMB from Omaha In reply to

Thanks, this is good info, so I'm awarding the points to you. :) As it turns out, the problem appears to have been that this oldie but goodie app wasn't configured to run in the correct "compatibility" mode on a couple of our Windows XP workstations. I'm not sure whether that meant that the w/s couldn't obtain licenses to begin with or couldn't release them, but at any rate the "licenses exceeded" problem appears to have gone away, at least for now. :)

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by house In reply to Concurrent license lockou ...

I've seen this licensing problem regarding Terminal Services and thin clients before. A reboot didn't help but a phone call to MS and a lot of bickering went a long way.

But this software is not supported at all? Is the license relayed in any way to a remote location? If not, there has to be a file that keeps track of this info.

Is their a setting in the software that will force or at least reduce the lease time and query intervals? Are they supposed to be released immediately upon logout or does the software refresh the info at regular intervals?

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to Concurrent license lockou ...

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