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Conditional file-move help needed

By jeremy.wallin ·
One of our file servers was failing and we needed to migrate the user data (sync'd My Documents, etc.) to another. The failing server is Win 2003, the good server is Win 2008 R2.

Problem 1: Ran robocopy with Mir tag thereby wiping out the destination folder containing all the users' folders. Restored deleted files using Undelete. Failed to specify to restore files only deleted that day. As a result, several iterations of the same files were restored to their respective folders. Thousands of these semi-duplicated files now exist on the destination server. The restored files are enumerated with a suffix of ";001", ";002", ";003" etc. up to as high as ;059. There is no obvious rhyme or reason to the sequence number in the suffix. For example, out of 11 iterations of file text.txt, text;006.txt could be the most updated. In another set, the most updated file could have suffix ;001, or may not even have the suffix at all.

I would like to be able to find all instances of a file, keep the most updated, and move the other(s) to a mirrored directory tree elsewhere. Any help with a script would be very much appreciated and get me back to a good nights sleep :-)

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