Conditional Formatting on worksheets with hidden cells

By carola ·
I have a user who needs to do conditional formatting on cells that are already created by a formula and also is connected to a VLOOKUP. How can I help her create a conditional formatting for these cells. I've thought about adding another column to do the conditional formatting for that cell and then hiding that column but I keep running into problems with it. I can't seem to write the conditional formatting so it formats another cell other than the one the formula is written in. HELP!!!!!

I trained her in Excel and she's stumping her trainer! :)

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Conditional formatting...

by cleaverx In reply to Conditional Formatting on ...

Hello, you will probably have better luck with someone providing a solution, by providing a more detailed explanation of the current environment, also which version of Excel are you using, and exactly what formatting are you attempting to apply?
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The Cleaver

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Thanks "The Cleaver"

by carola In reply to Conditional Formatting on ...

Here's what she has. It's a several sheet workbook and the data she wants to conditionally format is populated in the cells based on pulling it from where the data is actually housed on another page. She has a VLOOKUP formula that also includes pointing it to the original data. The biggest problem is that all over the page where the data she wants to conditionally format there is different kinds of data so I can't just put a formatting based on a full column. Plus it just doesn't want to see the data on that page for some reason. She said it worked very well for her in Excel 2003 but now she's on 2010 and it's not doing it. Does that give you more info? I'll try to address it more if you need more. It has two of us in our IT department here totally stumped.

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