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Conduct a building or office site survey

By sonyamcneal ·
Does anyone know where I could find best practices in performing a site survey before installing a network infrastructure?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Conduct a building or off ...

there is good info on site survey for wireless portion on RF antenna maker websites.
what infrastructure?

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by jtakiwi In reply to Conduct a building or off ...

Don't know where you could find such a thing, but you could just list out the obvious: Make sure you interview the customer to understand their expectations of the newly installed infrastructure. Make sure you understand their operation, what type of devices they use, remote offices, mobile users and their connectivity requirements, web sites and email they may use or possibly move in house. Any hosted apps? Third party vendors they deal w/ often? What are their availability (uptime) requirements?

Type of LAN cabling (Cat5, cat3 etc...) Is it certified? Number of LAN Drops, per office and total.

Power availability for network equipment? Spec out adequate UPS protection and ensure the wiring can support the expected loads.

Wireless access points, then go into security settings for those.

Use a good inventory reports to capture server/workstation hw and sw info.

List remote sites

Gather internet connection info, up/down speeds, dsl, cable, frame?

Network devices info (switches, hubs, routers etc...)

Bring up spam filtering, av filtering, possibl

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by wlbowers In reply to Conduct a building or off ...

Not to be flip but if you don't know what to look for you could be in for a rude awaking.

Not in this order!

Building type. Wood frame, Concrete, Metal frame. (Each has its own problems and added protection for cable ect)

New construction vs old construction. (Drill a wall and hit a 200 pair telephone cable)

Ceiling access. Drop tile, Locking tile, Plenum ceiling. No ceiling.

Sheetrock walls vs concrete block. (surface or recess mount, conduit or track molding.)

Insulated interior walls. (more labor time)

If multifloor, floor to floor access chase or concrete bore. ( I have had to go outside a building with conduit)

Firewall between spacing/office areas. (must be resealed after passing through. Fire boys get real pissed when you break through a firewall and don't reseal it.)

Height of ceiling. (Ladders or scaffold, more labor)

Equipment room or closet for drop point or direct to other floor. (lots of room or yuck!)

Electric avaibility for equipment to be installed. (I don't mean a wall outlet. I mean clean power, dedicated circuits)

Every building or site is different and presents its own problems.

Good Luck


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by sunny0077 In reply to Conduct a building or off ...

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