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Conducting focus groups

By kelly ·
I've been charged to set up some focus groups to use our custom made software. The goal is to have outside folks apply the software to current projects while providing constructive feedback to us about the software before we launch it to the public. Any suggestions or helpful tips on how I go about this task?

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Don't dive right in to the software

by JamesRL In reply to Conducting focus groups

Start by working in the general -ask them what they do, what their current issues and frustrations are, get some background. This will help establish a baseline.

Then ask them about their ideal.

Then show them the software and ask them if it addresses their needs.


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How much cash?

by cs In reply to Conducting focus groups

How you approach this depends on the funding available to you. You might be able to contract out the work to an experienced Focus group company.

You might have face to face focus group meetings where you reward people with food/money to meet in a room and then discuss the product. You might want to film the interaction for later analysis.

Or maybe you will have to do it remotely via webinar/voice conference ( )and demo the software remotely.
Have one or more observers when you run the sessions.
To locate people have a look in your CRM/Help Desk System to see those people who are active users and contact them to see if they may be interested.

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Great Ideas

by kelly In reply to How much cash?

Thanks for the input about implementing a focus group. We have two types of <a href="">software</a>
and want to keep the focus group simple and structured. Money is not an incentive, instead we are giving the groups the software for free for one year. I will keep your suggestions in mind. KG

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