Conecting from home via VPN to the server

By Thurabred ·
I currently have an application which users can access via the network if they are connected via the LAN, but as soon as they are outside of the company they cannot access the server, so I would like help to setup a VPN from scratch (Server 2008), step by step guide would be most useful.

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Not to avoid the question but

by robo_dev In reply to Conecting from home via V ...

A VPN router or a firewall with VPN capabilities is much more secure, reliable, and simple to support than using the VPN capability built into Win 2008.

Not trying to bash Microsoft here, but there are working exploits for their VPN, and besides getting the configuration just right, the server needs to be patched and hardened.

If my life depended on a software VPN, there are some open-source solutions, otherwise something like a Cisco ASA box or a barracuda, juniper, sonicwall SSL VPN would be a better bet.

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