Conection to IMAP server failed

By backtrack8083 ·
When i try to login to roundcube it says Connection to IMAP server failed. And if i try logging again after 10-15 mins, it works well.
Can anyone tell why it happens and how to fix this
Thanks in advance

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Conection to IMAP server failed

by backtrack8083 In reply to See this link

Hi robo
I guess my issue is somewhat different from that post. yesterday when i logged into the roundcube it was working fine but suddenly after 20 mins it kicked me off. When i tried relogging it said Connection to IMAP server failed. At that moment i checked the logs and i saw that it said abc postfix/smtpd[16829]: disconnect from localhost[]. Then when i tried netstat -p -n -a | grep 143 it said
tcp 0 0 xx.xx.xx.xx:56381 xx.xx.xx.xx:143 FIN_WAIT2 -
tcp6 0 0 :::143 :::* LISTEN 6621/couriertcpd
tcp6 0 0 xx.xx.xx.xx:143 yy.yy.yy.yy:49898 ESTABLISHED 6**8/couriertls.
Here xx.xx.xx.xx is my mailserver ip

Thanks in advance

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