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    Conept to create relation between contacts


    by milansar ·

    I require your help if you could give to solve one particular problem, I am sure MS SQL server provide something reliable to solve such problem but I don?t know how or something else that do a job. So I try to explain you problem here.

    It is about managing your contact (like openbc, orkut etc?). Where I am having some contact and my contacts are having their contact, with this philosophy it is said that on sixth degree you are connected with other person.
    Scenario is like this suppose I am logged in and searching for contact, I make some query and based on it I find some contacts, so we have show a path ohw I m connected with this searched contact.
    Typical data may look like below

    contact contact`s contact
    milan vihar
    milan sandip
    milan manish
    vihar bhavya
    vihar milan
    vihar jaimin
    sandip vihar
    sandip milan
    sadnip jaimin
    manish bhavya
    manish sandip

    so when i search for bhavya then path to bhavya are

    path to jaimin

    I hope my above example have clear subject.

    What I need is if you know some way to do this job using MS SQL server like how to design table to store contact information so it make easy to query such info. Or special MS SQL services to dig such data in high performance environment. bla bla.

    If you know somebody down here who can help then let me know

    Thanks & Regards

    Milan Saraiya

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