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    Confernece Room Schedulling on Exchange


    by aaron_wurthmann ·

    Back to the good old conference room scheduling dilemma. Here is what I am doing, but it just isn’t enough, please help.

    I have created users and mailboxes for conference rooms and logged on as these user/conference rooms and set the calendar to act as a resource. Which accepts and process meeting requests and cancellations. I have also set decline conflicting requests.

    All is well, if you attempt to schedule the conference room as a resource. If you don’t, if you try to schedule the room as “required” or “optional”. You are now able to over book the room.

    Your thoughts/solutions?

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      Confernece Room Schedulling on Exchange

      by david.heine ·

      In reply to Confernece Room Schedulling on Exchange

      Very interesting…I think the reason that the rooms are being overbooked when a user selects “required” or “optional” is that the scheduled request is sitting in the mailbox waiting to be answered and since this is an unattended mailbox, it sits there. Pretty interesting bug…

      The best way to solve this is through user training however you might want to experiment creating a rule looking for these wayward scheduke requests that will send a reply message to the user informing the user to reschedule their meeting by setting this recipient as a resource only recipient otherwise this conference room may be overbooked. The trick will be for it not to send a reply for the intended schedule requests.

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        Confernece Room Schedulling on Exchange

        by aaron_wurthmann ·

        In reply to Confernece Room Schedulling on Exchange

        Umm.. no it is schedulled be cause that is what caldener resource is supposed to do.

        Yes, user training.. WOW I hadn’t thought of that.. (can you spell that, that is sarcasm) My users are idiots, and I hope that they read this. (I’m having a bad day)

        Thank you for your answer.

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