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Conficker: Anyone see this Beastie?

Has anyone encoutnered this beastie? So far, the networks I oversee haven't shown any abnormal behavior or flagged anything suspicious. The days still young here (western US) but my networks are likely 75-80% manned which means all systems are up and working (including the boneheaded end users) and I'm not seeing anything. Anyone?

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I don't expect it at work

by JamesRL In reply to Conficker: Anyone see thi ...

Our enterprise anti-virus has been able to detect this for months, and our policies block users who don't have the anti virus updates.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to Conficker: Anyone see thi ...

Say that the virus has not yet been told to call home, so no one as yet has seen anything on it, we are still waiting to see what it does (Run for the hills it's doomsday its going to launch nukes) lol :)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Reports

Would be ok if they nailed all the government seats that are so busy spending money that isn't theirs so foolishly.
Only half a joke...

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Nukes are always OK

by The Scummy One In reply to Nukes.

for population control

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Nukes are always OK

Is 2012 as below lol :)

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by ACGPHX In reply to Reports

I'm a bit skeptical whenever any of these doomsday scenarios are proposed. I remember well the Y2K scare. Hindsight says the caution of millions across the globe prevented the issue but my skepticiam also says it was good for many bank accounts.

Surely the beachhead element of this virus is detectable prior to its told to broadcast? What more can you do except maintain the lastest virus definations, have good policies in place, and ensure your malware/spyware us up to date.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to skeptical

Is the date you want to worry about, plant x comes into orbit and alot of things will change like the north and south poles plus check this out, it's nuts i tell you lol :) (Think I am losing the plot today for some reason) ha ha

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Funny you should mention

by ACGPHX In reply to 2012

Honestly, theres a strong sense of foreboding in me since before the election (US). 2012, I think signifies something dramatic is going to happen. Too many things are happening not to eventually come to a head.

Aside from IT I write political commentary. Something wicked this way comes...and I wouldnt be in the least surprised if 2012 is its coming out.

But for now we have the yet to be realized conficker.

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