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Config Cisco Router in LINUX platform ?

By prabu_ram ·
I had bought one new Cisco 1700 series Router and iam using Linux in my system.How can i configure (access) the Router in Linux Platform??.I need to know GUI and CUI mode also.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Config Cisco Router in LI ...

i think you'll need some kind of terminal program to talk to it via it's maintenance cable. The Linux equivalent of HyperTerminal. i am too rusty with Linux to tell you more.

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by Pickle_316 In reply to Config Cisco Router in LI ...

Minicom is one linux program you can use to configure the router from the serial port. Then when you have given the router an IP number and it is on the network you can simply telnet into it.

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by jc2it In reply to Config Cisco Router in LI ...

The first step is to connect to it via the console port on the 1700 and a Linux box's serial port.

Using a communications program like


Set up the IP address on the network port of the Cisco 1700.

You can then continue the setup with the 1700 console and serial port or telnet to the 1700 using the Linux command line interface.

Have Fun,

Job Cacka

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by paulo.sedrez In reply to Config Cisco Router in LI ...

The initial configuration of Cisco routers (and most of their network equipment also) should be done via serial line. It *can be* configured with telnet from start, but to do this you would have to statically populate an ARP table and the serial line is much more simple.

The way to use serial line terminal in Linux is minicom. Other software are available, including c-kermit, but minicom comes with most Linux distributions.

Just remember two things:

- Configure you serial port to 9600bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (9600-8N1);
- Use the Console port;

After that, you would be able at least to configure the IP address and two passwords: one for access, other for configuration (enable). After that, you have two options:

- Configure via telnet
- Configure via browser

To configure via telnet, you will just have to use the telnet program every system has - even Windows 95 and up.

To configure via browser, you will need to enable the http_browser option in the IOS. You can do that while doing the initial configuration.

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by paulo.sedrez In reply to

Sorry, use *ip http server* instead of *http_browser*.

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by prabu_ram In reply to Config Cisco Router in LI ...

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