Configuration adsl modem and connect to switch for internet distribution

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I have an adsl modem and a d-link switch (8 port). I have made a lan and configured the adsl modem with dhcp. the connetion is working well on one computer in the room where the modem and switch are. when i go into the nest room with the same laptop, it is showing a but i can browse. it is taking so long until it times out. Can the distance have an effect? How can i successfuly have all the computers connected and working? I have checked all the settings but couldn't figure why i can not connect to the browse the internet when i go to the other rooms. Even with all the cables unpluged as long as it is in the other rooms other than where the modem is iam failing. Please help.

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This depends on the Modem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Configuration adsl modem ...

Some require you to have a computer between them and the switch some don't.

You need to setup the Modem with a wired connection to a computer and then when it's working unplug the computer plug the Ethernet Cable into the Uplink Port of the Switch and then plug a Ethernet Cable into the Switch and connect it to the computer.

Apply whatever is required to the Switch in the way of setup and then try to connect to the Internet. If it works it's fine but if it doesn't work that way you need a computer with 2 LAN Cards to connect in between the Modem and Switch.

As for length of Ethernet Cables if it's under 100 meters long it's not a length issue but it could be a Interference Issue. Do Not have any Ethernet Cables within a foot of electrical cabling and check the leads with a Cable Tester to make sure that they actually work and are connected correctly.


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