Configuration between a cisco 2600 router and a cable modem

By Cool&Deadly ·
I have a cisco 2621 router and a 2950 swtich in which i want to set up in my home network. i understand the configurations for my local network but its the configuration between my Cisco router and the cable modem that have me puzzled. I know i will have to use NAT when it comes to traffic on the interface that is connected to the modem but its the access list that giving me some trouble. Can anyone suggest ACLs that will have make my network secure from outsiders.

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will you be running internal servers?

by jdclyde In reply to Configuration between a c ...

If there are not any systems on the LAN that need to be accessed from the WAN, just having the internal systems on a private network will keep your systems fairly safe.

Just deny telnet to your wan interface so no one can log into the router. If you have the webserver access on, deny that as well.

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how are you connectiong the serial port [wan]

by CG IT In reply to Configuration between a c ...

to your cable modem? Cisco routers route external traffic through their WAN port, not the ethernet port. The WAN port is a serial port[60 pin]

the default router is ACLs are disabled. If you enable an ACL, there is an implicit deny statement [hidden] where unless specifically allowed, all traffic is denied. However, your Cisco router isn't a firewall. If you want firewall protection, your better bet is getting a hardware firewall like a PIX.

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connect via ethernet interface

by Cool&Deadly In reply to how are you connectiong t ...

Im going to connect via the router's ethernet interface to the modem.

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routers typically work this way [especially Cisco routers].

by CG IT In reply to connect via ethernet inte ...

anything not destined for the LAN is sent to the default gateway if there is no other path specified. The default gateway on Cisco routers is the WAN port which is a serial port.

you could provide a static path out the second ethernet interface, however but if you connect directly to a modem, not a router, that interface is on your ISPs network. That means you have to configure the interface with your public IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers.

Might consider getting a WIC interface that will work with your ethernet ISP modem.

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