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configuration for a client wireless AP

By sparky_132 ·
My current network configuration is:
DSL modem and wireless router has ip This has two PCs with network cards hard plugged into the router by network cables. There is also 2 PCs with wireless network cards and a laptop with a wireless network card which connect to the router wirelessly - which have IP addresses - They are all static IPs NOT assigned by DHCP. The router is also running mac address filtering and 128-bit WEP.

This currently works fine with no problems. What I want to do is add another computer (well a Playstation 2 actually) onto the network. I want this to be done wirelessly so I have got a wireless access point (AP).

I want the network to be configured so that the PS2 is plugged in via ethernet to the wireless AP and that then talks to the router wirelessly.

I am currently trying to configure the wireless AP whilst it is plugged into one of the wireless PCs so i can change the settings and stuff. Once i get it working via that then i will move it to the PS2.

I am using a crossover network cable to connect the AP to the PC/PS2.

I have added the wireless APs mac address onto the allow list of the router. I don't need to add the PC's network card / PS2 mac address onto the list also do I?

There are a few different modes, ie: access point, bridge (point to point / point to multi-point) and then access point client. Am i right in setting this up as a "access point client"?

I want the PS2 to have the IP (which is currently unassigned). What do i need to set the wireless APs IP as? Should it be different from or can the AP and the PC/PS2 it is attached to share the same IP, as the AP is only serving one client?

I have configured the wireless AP how I think it should be done but have had no joy so far. Any comments/suggestion would be helpful!


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by sparky_132 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

I forgot to ask this also.
The default gateway for the PCs in the network currently is the router (

I'm guessing the wireless AP will have as its default gateway but what about the client its connected to - the PC or PS2. Will their gateway now be the wireless AP or will it stay as the router?

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

I take it that you have a wireless router that is acting as an access point for the two laptops for you to put a wireless AP on the PS2 you have to A: get another WAP for the router and configure in BRIDGE MODE to the WAP on the PS2 (also configured in BRIDGE MODE or B: change Router Wireless to BRIDGE MODE and PS2 AP to BRIDGE MODE - wireless laptops will no longer work on network in B: config

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by sparky_132 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

I am using a D-Link DWL-900AP.

I think what I need is a wireless to ethernet bridge? Any suggestions for a good cheap one?

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by cp7212 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

Wow, I help take care of a wireless network and reading that gave me a headache.... My question is if you have a wireless router, what are you doing with an access point? Is this a wireless device made expressly for the PS2? You shouldn't need a bridge either, we're just talking about several devices, right?

Anything that you are using to connect to your router that has a MAC address should be added to the "allow list". The access point client is the correct setting.

No device can share the same IP address on the same network. Whichever one connects first will take that address. The one that tries to connect last, will not.

Answer my questions and I'll post more to help you out.

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by cliffg8 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

First try using a normal (not crossover) cable to the AP. But, even then I think you are going to have problems. You need to have this AP and the other on the network be able to talk to each other. Not exactly what AP's were designed to do. Whar you need is a wireless bridge. Wireless Internet Gaming

If you wish to use your PS2 in a different room from your broadband connection you will need to combine an Access point (or Wireless Router) with a Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

The Access Point / Router will be connected to your broadband connection at the wall socket. The Wireless Ethernet bridge then sits where ever you wish to use your PS2. This will allow you to play against opponents on the other side of the world or against another console connected directly into the Access Point / Router.

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by sparky_132 In reply to configuration for a clien ...

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