Configuration for delayed mail delivery settings

By lamort ·
Is there a way to sync my Outlook 2003's outbox with our Exchange Server 2003 on emails that I have set for delayed delivery. It seem the delayed was always appeared inside the outlook and need to be open only be able to send the mail at a certain time.
Can it be configured to be appear at exchange server so that the delayed mail can be send out without opening my mail.

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Not sure what you're asking....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Configuration for delayed ...

Your question isn't very clear. It sounds as if you're looking for a way to send email when you're not there and without having the Outlook program open and running on your desktop at the time the mail is set to be sent.

Was that your question?

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A delay email...

by lamort In reply to Not sure what you're aski ...

Yes you are correct. Before that i could put all the delay mail in exchange server with window NT but with window server 2003, it seem the delay email was not put in queue. It still show in my outlook outbox. Suppose the delay email would be send to keep in server queue and would auto resend when the time come.

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It's not on the server.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to A delay email...

Everything has changed since the days of NT. Delayed mail is no longer stored on the server. Outlook would need to be running in order to do the actual "send" when scheduled.

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by lamort In reply to It's not on the server... ...

Thanks for the information.

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pretty sure you can't

by Magic Alex In reply to Configuration for delayed ...

kind of the nature of a delayed message

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Thanks for replying....

by lamort In reply to pretty sure you can't

thanks for replying....

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delayed email - still unclear

by wfpd-pv In reply to Configuration for delayed ...

I think my question may be the same as I have seen before but for which I did not get the point of the answer. In Office 2007, I have set delayed email with "do not deliver before" set for an appropriate date and time. I expected they would go out shortly after that time. None of these have been automatically released. I had to go in, remove the information I set originally and send manually. What am I doing wrong, other than the last two phrases?

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